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NameFromsort iconToAnecdotes
Master Aranha
Mr Gerald D'SouzaMaths. a.k.a Gerry Baldy
Mr. John LohaleMarathi (a.k.a. Dapatta)
Mr. HiremathChemistry
Fr. Herman CastellinoChemistry (a.k.a Bostiao)
Mrs. Elaine LoboStd. VII (Batch 1977)
Ms. ByramjeeStd V (Batch 1977)
Master NeeffLatin, Maths, English
Master VargheseMaths, Physics - a.k.a Boiler
Mrs. Betty Dias (nee Lewis)Std VI (Batch 1977)
Mr. DasMaths (a.k.a Hitler)
Mr. KanitkarArt
Mrs. Odette GonsalvesArt & Craft
Mrs. Manju BhatiaBiology (Jr College)
Mr. NeveMarathi, Hindi a.k.a. Beder
Mr. Teddy ColacoPhysics, Football coach
Ms. Connie DeGaMusic
Mrs. Sushma BhatiaBiology
Mr Gerson D'CunhaSocial Sciences, Science, Maths. (a.k.a. Humphrey). Inimitable style of teaching, was capable of teaching every subject. Used to dress in white shirt and khaki shorts with stocking instead of socks. Travelled from Mahim on his motor bike.
Mr. OliverFrench, Maths
Mrs. Marie de Souza
Teacher Dolly Correa
Mrs. Daphne Gabriel
Mr. DuttHindi
Mrs. Anna CorreaSecondary Supervisor
Ms. Alice Flannygan
Mrs. Wilma D'Souza
Mrs. Maud D'Lima
Mr. Gawande
Mrs. Sarla KhanseHindi
Mrs. Maryann de SouzaFrench. (aka Sweety)
Mrs. Elizabeth RosarioStd VII (Batch 1977)
Mr. PandeyPT
Ms. Harriet Tellis
Mr. Gregory PereiraArt & Scouts
Mrs. Muriel RobertsStd IV (Batch 1977)
Mr. TamanhePT
Ms. Leena GonsalvesMarathi
Ms. Alice Carvalho
Ms. Alice Fernandes
Master Kunderjee1966Secondary school (Physics & Chem)
Master Abraham1966Secondary school (Physics & Chem)
Ms Margerine Farias1966Secondary school
Mrs. Kusum Noger1971Hindi
Mrs.Alba Shepherd1971Science, Std. VI, VII
Mr. Willie D'Souza1975Maths
Mr Raymond D'Mello1977Secondary (aka Raymond Baldy)
Teacher Vatsala Tilve1994Hindi. Deceased: http://stanislites.org/alumni/content/teacher-vatsala-tilve-passes-away
Ms Philomena Pereira19551971Primary school
Ms Marie Fernandes19561959Primary school
Ms Dellores Gonsalves19571962Secondary school
Ms Ivor de Souza1958Primary school
Ms June Mascarenhas19591962Primary school
Master Donald19601974Maths
Ms Noeline DeSouza1963Secondary school
Ms Marie Rodrigues19631963Secondary school (aka Marie Biscuit)
Mr. Govind19651973Hindi
Mrs. Mary Titus19651980Std. III (Batch 1977)
Master Tiberio D'Souza19651985Maths "Aim for the moon; you may land on a coconut tree"
Mrs. Rose D'Sa19651985http://stanislites.org/alumni/content/teacher-rose-dsa
Teacher Vasanti Shenoy19701977Chemistry (now Mrs. Vasanti Baliga lives in the USA)
Mr. Rai19711977http://stanislites.org/alumni/node/561
Master Ignatius Butelho19712001Head of Marathi Department, Head of Scouts http://stanislites.org/alumni/node/1053
Master Homi Shroff19721978Maths, Science teacher. Living in New Zealand
Mr. Dev Sharma19721989Maths & Science http://stanislites.org/alumni/node/562
Mrs Hope Desouza19741991Class Teacher IV B
Fr. Joseph M Dias19761982Junior College Principal, Chemistry
Mrs. Philomena Pereira19762010Secondary Supervisor, Geography, English
Mrs. Maria D'souza19872008Subjects taught English and History, Class Teacher Std X. Trained children for music and drama competitions
Mrs Pritisha Murzello2005Marathi, Hindi
Mrs Cindrella Kohli2005Geography-Economics
Ms Charmaine Pereira2005English, Geography-Economics
Mr Rakesh Pathak2005Marathi, Hindi
Mrs Anita Advani2005Computers
Mrs Cindrella D'Mello2005Marathi, Hindi
Ms Rupali Ghosal2005
Ms Laxmi S2005
Ms Princelia D'Silva2005Craft
Mr. Conan Pereira2005Speech and Drama
Mrs Ruby Vaz2005Art
Mrs. Freda De Souza2005Computers
Ms. Golda D'Souza2005Computers
Mrs Rebecca D'Mello2005Computers
Mr Rahul Dave2005Science, Maths
Mrs Thelma Misquitta2005English, Hindi, Geography-Economics
Mrs Swati Dabre2005Marathi, Hindi
Mrs Elizabeth Fernandes2005English, Maths
Mrs. Sabita Menezes2005Maths, English, Hindi, Geography-Economics
Mr Titus Fereira2005Hindi, Marathi
Ms Rubina Shaikh2005Class Teacher 10-C (2009-10), Maths, Science
Mr. Elias Correa2005Geography-Economics, Hindi, E.V.S.
Mrs Margaret Pereira2005English, Geography-Economics
Mr Syed Mohamed2005Maths,Science
Mrs Wendy Chaves2005Art
Mrs Maria Helen Borges2005English
Mrs Suparna Banerjee2005Maths, Science
Mrs Pramila Gonsalves2005Marathi. Hindi
Mrs Neeta Dharmai2005Marathi, Hindi
Mrs Lily Ferreira2005Marathi
Teacher Drussilla FernandesJune 1981May 2002Class Teacher of Std. X for 21 years "The Teacher of good grooming" http://stanislites.org/alumni/node/1054

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Nick Names

I mention here below three of the greats of my time. You do not get them now days. The others were Master Oliver (French), Master Neeff (Latin, maths. english), Master Willie (maths), Master Donald (maths, french, english), Master Dutt (Hindi), Tiberius (maths). Devoted to teaching, upright in character and expected the same from their students.

Humphrey: Master Gerson D'Cunha, he did n't teach me but was brilliant and had an inimitable style of teaching (he taught our class once as a sustitute for our absent teacher) was capable of teaching every subject (Social Sciences, Science, Maths). He was the only master who used to dress in white shirt and khaki shorts and used stocking instead of socks and travelled from MAhim on his old motor bike. He appeared more like an army or safari man. I do not know the origin of the nick name but his total demenour suited the nickname.

Hitler: Master Das who taught me Maths in a way i could understand easily and i assume others would have had the same experience. He used some simple more humorous anecdotes to make his lesson interesting and more understandable. He was always in a light cream suit and i think it was his moustache that attracted the nick name.

Gerry Baldy: Sorry i can't get his actual name, possibly Gerry Coelho from St Sebastians colony. He taught me French in the most amusing way always keeping the class in a jolly mood and yet attentive. The acute loss of hair wreplace by a shining top attracted the nickname .

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Bostiao - Fr Herman

Bostiao - Fr Herman Castellino, French

Hairy Mutt - Prof Hiremath, Chemistry

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Teacher Nicknames

Does anyone remember the nicknames we used for our beloved teachers.

Dr. Satish Arolkar has come out with a great list. Will ask him to post his list.

Boiler: Mr. Vargeese who taught us Physics

Beder: I forget his real name

Look your Font: Mr. Pande, sports teacher

Please keep adding to the list.

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That had to be Mrs Maryann deSouza (taught French)

Dapatta = Mr Lohale (Marathi teacher; he had two sons in school one finished SSC in 1975 (the first Xth std SSC batch)

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Humphrey's son

Like his father, he also was gifted with a sharp intelligence (i do not remember his name, i passed in 1967). He went on to do his BTech at IIT and then MTech and i am not to sure whether he completed his PhD. Our families were acquainted so i used to get the news now and then. I remember he had a stint in the Gulf, ------and then for a long time he was in Mahim and the last i heard of him few years back, was, when he passed away. I think he was unwmarried. Very sad sad as you somehow get the feeling he was not successful in the worldly sort of way inspite of his superior talents possibly because of his/family's high moral standards.

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No nicknames (to my knowledge) but common outbursts

Affectionately recollecting some common ones,

Mr Tiberius - "Arre Baba!"

Mr Neeff - "... born and brought up in the cesspools of Bombay!"

and a very personal one,

Mr Sharma - "Tarance, call your parance!!"

P.S. Can the list of lady teachers have their maiden names incorporated?

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Gerry Baldy.


Gerry Baldy : His actual name was Gerald D'souza. He had a very funny sense of humour, at times seeming to be plain stupid. But he was excellent in Maths.

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More nicknames

Amusing to recall teachers by the nicknames with which they were endearingly re-baptized by the students!


Recall other nicknames like Delilah, Sweety, Dapatta .... although I cannot recollect their actual names …. Can anyone help?

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Teacher's .. nicknames etc

Some of the Teacher's Names that may be added to the existing list.

Ms Marie Fernandes 1956 --1959 Std I
Ms Ivor De Souza 1958 Std II
Ms Philomena Pereira 1955 1971 Std III
Ms June Mascarenhas 1959 - 1962 Std IV
Ms Dellores Gonsalves 1957 - 1962 Std V
Ms Marie Rodrigues 1963 Std VI
(Marie Biscuit)
Ms Noeline DeSouza 1963 Std VII
Ms Margerine Ferrais 1966 Std VII
Master Raymond D'Mello 1967 Std IX
(Raymond Baldy)
Master Abraham 1966 Physics & Chem
Master Kunderjee 1966 Physics & Chem

please verify the above from available records with the school

Kind Regards,
Ivan Lemos -- Class of 1968.

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Dapatta = Mr. Lohale

Dapatta = Mr. Lohale taught me Hindi and Marathi in class 5, 6 & 7. He had a very beautiful handwriting. An average heighted, bespectacled, roundish faced gentleman. He had a fantastic style of teaching and only a really dumb guy could fail in his class.He would take up the Hindi or Marathi meanings every day in class and the student who failed to study them at home was given a knock on the knuckles by the sideways of the foot ruler which would be painful. But we did not mind that and loved him very much.I still remember a poem that he taught us in his inimitable style.It went, " UTTH MULAA, UTTH MULA, BAGA, ARUNO DAYA ZHAALA,,,,,," and while saying the poem the action that he performed was so funny, I would have to animate it to make u guys understand what I mean.It has just stuck with me and I probably will not forget it till the end of my life.He lived right behind St. Stanislaus' High school,on Waroda road, but also lives in my memories.We love you and miss you sir.

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