The St Stanislaus Ex-Students’ Association – A note from 1964

by M.D. Correa


The merit of an association is usually gathered by its records of activities, and St. Stanislaus Ex-Students’ Association can certainly be proud of its record, for through the years the accent has been on progress and improvement. Today – from its humble group of pioneers four young men Fred D’Cruz, Frank Suares, Cyril Francis and Ira Aguiar – it has grown into a lively and active Association of Ex-Students of St. Stanislaus, who are proud to carry aloft the banner of their Alma Mater.

It would be proper in this assessment of the Association to take a look at the balance sheet of its various activities which have become its assets. We have on this side a steady growth of public functions organized year after year, at different intervals. In 1939, the Association participated in the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the School, and on the 10th December 1939 a Variety Entertainment was staged in the new School hall which was acclaimed a big success. The Annual Social held in 1940 brought in a new feeling to the annual get-together, as it was held in the evening. The Annual Social has always been a happy occasion for members to meet and greet one another, each different in his pursuits, yet united in a single bond of friendship, where they meet as Ex-Students of St. Stanislaus. On the Sports side, Mr. Marshall D’Mello, in 1943 presented a shield, this time for the Ex-Students’ Hockey Tournament. This tournament has been conducted regularly, except for a short time and it was revived in 1949. Mr. Willie Mendonca generously donated a large Trophy for Hockey to be competed for annually in a tournament.

A lead was also taken in public debates when in 1935, That Woman Should Rule the World, was wittingly proposed, but the Opposition carried the day with equal eloquence. The platform became an important aspect of the Association’s activities, when public personalities like Dr. P.A. Dias and P.G. Kher gave an interesting discourse on Civic Affairs. There followed also an interesting Travelogue by Mr. Ammon Rodrigues on his travels in Europe. In the entertainment field, the Association has made big strides. In 1953, a Variety Entertainment Medley in 3D was an unqualified success. In 1958 J. B. Priestley’s “An Inspector Calls” was presented by Experimental Theatres. The play was well attended and it certainly gave the audience an intellectual treat. This was followed in August of the same year by another play, this time the famous Moliere comedy, “That Scoundrel Scapin” For a change, something new in the form of a Brains Trust was held in 1960, a panel of eminent speakers answering the question-master on various subjects. ‘A Musical Affairs’on 7th August 1960 swelled the Deserving Student Educational Fund, besides providing enjoyable entertainment. The year 1960 was really a year full of activities. It was also the Silver Jubilee year of the Association. 13th November 1960, a red letter day for the Association, was begun with a Solemn High Mass in St. Peter’s Church. Befitting the occasion, His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Mgr. Andrew Paul D’Souza, Bishop of Poona, an ex-student, officiated. Then followed a sumptuous breakfast at which Mr. John Neeff addressed the members highlighting the main events of the Association during the last 25 years. The climax of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations was a Gala Dance held at he Bandra Gymkhana. The function was well attended and the show was a great financial success.

St. Stanislaus Centenary year 1963 was a year of bustling excitement. The Association was proud of its Alma Mater and an elaborate programme chalked out by the Ex-Students’ Centenary Committee covered the celebration for a good part of the year. The Association deemed it proper to present with Long Service Medals teachers of the School who had given 25 years of meritorious service to the Institution.

No organization can function successfully without a head and our Association has been blessed, from its inception, to have at its helm, as President, the Principals of the School. Fr. J. Casasayas, the founder- President, has been instrumental in bringing life and interest to the activities of the Association. His lead was followed by Fr. F. Ribot who was actively connected with the Association and during his Presidentship there was a growth in numbers. With the coming of Fr. D. Donnelly, who was a play-wright, several religious plays were staged. Our President today, Rev. Fr. A. Casale, has been with us for the last five years. His keen interest in the Association is evinced from the fact that he has always devoted his time to the various activities of the Association. Now in 1964 the Association proudly registers 330 members. Today the Association is a unit, with aims and objects to bring about goodwill and fellowship among all. Well done, St. Stanislaus Ex-Students’ Association! The journey ahead is even more interesting. Let us dedicate ourselves to the service of our Alma Mater