The management of the Association shall be vested in the Managing Committee which shall consist of 15 members to be elected /nominated /coopted as detailed below:-

(a) The principal of the School

(b) Eleven members to be elected by ordinary members and life members

(c) Two person to be nominated by the principal of the school

(d) Three members who are active in the educational or cultural fields or whose cooption will be in the interest of the Association, to be coopted by the Managing Committee.

Quorum: The Managing Committee shall meet for transaction of business at least quarterly. Eight members shall form a quorum at a Managing Committee meeting. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Managing Committee, and in his absence the Vice – President.

Office Bearers: Members of the Managing Committee shall elect the following office bearers at the first meeting of the Managing Committee, save for the Office of the President, the principal of the School being the president of the Association.

(a) Vice President

(b) Honorary Secretary

(c) Joint Secretary

(d) Honorary Treasurer

(e) Joint Treasurer

Term of Office: The Managing Committee will hold office for a period of Three years. A member shall be eligible for re-election for not more than two consecutive terms.

CHAIRMAN :- The President shall be ex-officio Chairman of all the meetings of the Associations. In his absence the Vice President shall occupy the chair. Further if neither the President nor the Vice President is present, one of the members elected from among those present shall preside over the meeting.