Teacher Rose D'sa

Teacher Rose D'Sa
Tenure: 1961-1985 Class Teacher Std. III and IV

Teacher Rose D'Sa was born in Nerul in Goa on 11th November 1927 and the family moved to Karachi. In 1944 the family moved to Bombay..

Teacher Rose completed her matriculation from St. Joseph's Convent Bandra. She started her Senior secondary Teachers Training at St. Sebastian Goan High School and completed the training at Carmel Convent in Bandra.

Teacher Rose began teaching at 22 years at St. Sebastian School which was located across St. Stanislaus. She taught at this free school for ten years. The school was meant for the poor and no fees were charged. When St. Sebastian closed down the then Principal Fr.Casale absorbed her into St. Stanislaus in 1961. Teacher Rose taught till 1985 completing 24 years of service at St. Stanislaus.

Teacher Rose is fondly remembered as a kind and genteel teacher. She taught all subject including Games but excluding PT, Marathi and Drawing. She was Class teacher of Stds. III and IV

Teacher Rose took up teaching because she loved children and she enjoyed interacting with them. She is unmarried and lives in Bandra with her brother Joachim who has retired.

Teaching has given Teacher Rose a sense of fulfillment. She firmly believes that no child should be left behind. She held special classes for students who were economically weak and those with poor academic performance.

St. Stanislaus to Teacher Rose was an extension of her home where the staff was like family. The atmosphere in the staff room was beautiful and homily and the secondary and primary teachers were always together.

Teacher Rose thinks St. Stanislaus is special because at the time the school cared for the welfare of the teachers at school as well as at home. The school was loyal and caring to the teachers and the teachers had a sense of belonging.

Some things Teacher Rose would have like to see changed at St. Stanislaus are the reduction in the size of classes so that the teacher could give special attention to both the slow and quick learner.

She would have preferred if the school switched to green boards instead of black boards and the writing chalk that affected the eyes and throats of teachers was replaced with a healthier alternative. She feels the school should keep the students connected with the happenings in the world even in the lower classes. She feels education should not be one-dimensional and students must not be isolated from present day realities. She always shrived to inculcate human values and courtesy in her students

Teacher Rose strongly feels the school must discourage learning by rote and must encourage students to think. Free expression by students must not be suppressed and students must be encouraged to speak out.

Some things Teacher Rose wishes the school can do are
1. The School sensitizes students to the plight of their less fortunate fellow students.
2. Teach students to think of and help fellow students.
3. Discourage labeling of students which is disabling. Tags like "clumsy boy" or "duffer" can scar the child for life.

At 80, Teacher Rose is still very active with her Prayer Group and Small Christian Community. She regularly visits the hospital bound and the house bound with her group. Presently teacher Rose faces serious challenges daily while managing her daily life particularly the cost of the numerous medications she has to buy all with her meager pension of Rs 1880 per month. In spite of these difficulties she is always cheerful.

Teacher Rose is fond of chicken soufflés. She also likes a good old Irish stew. Her hobby is collecting Books of quotations. She likes to embellish the cards she sends her friends and relatives with decorations and quotations.

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