That day in 1950 when I stood with a small cake

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That day in 1950 when I stood with a small cake in one hand and with the other, I clutched my mother’s hand. My confusion knew no bounds. Why was I here? Who was this guy with the white frock? Why did my mother bring my bedding and that tin box with my clothes? Where was I? It was twilight and fading fast. So did my mother. The white frock took my hand and led me on as he carried my bedding and box. I struggled and looked back searching for mother in vain. Tears welled up and all blurred…
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Edit Account details

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 I tried and tried to edit the details in my account but it did not work. Some details are outdated, Neither can I change my image photo. Yes am savy and quite familiar with these tasks but here it became a challenge. Any help will be most appreciated. Thank you Daril
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Six Decades

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 In another two years it will be six decades since I left St Stanislaus High School for good. As I stood with my box and bedding in the shed as we called that large space downstairs, I bid farewell to other boarders who passed by me.  In retrospect, I was both sad and glad. This had been my home for almost a dozen years. During my stay as I grew up with almost 200 other boarders, I learned to be independant, resourceful, tough, and to some extent disciplined.  I took a sabbathical from this group of Alumni and now am…
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Sad demise of Stephen (Steven) Fernandes – XI-B batch of 1972 on 18 Oct. 2016

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School buddies …. I am quite dazed and confused with the sudden death of Stephen (Steven) Fernandes – {XI-B batch of 1972} on 18 Oct. 2016. Stephen (Steven) Fernandes funeral mass will be held at St Theresa’s Church in Bandra this Sunday 23 Oct. 2016 at 2.30pm. Cremation will be at Shivaji Park crematorium thereafter. May Stephen’s soul find everlasting rest !!! While I was in XI-A batch of 1972, he was my class-mate at St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra during our earlier years in school. We spent many many years together in various standards (classes). Stephen Fernandes was Loyola…
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Connecting up with Boarders from St. Stanislaus

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Hello all, I went into the boarding school at the age of 6 – (1965-1974 ) Fr. Casale was the school principal atthe time and Fr. Kenneth was the boarding school prefect, supervisor, carer, surrogate parent etc. My elder brother Pierre for whom school was an adventure was a reassuring presence. I for one was not too happy. But… Now, with a few years under the belt, having travelled many a road, I am putting together on my FaceBook account, a Page of the boarders including the prefects at the time.I would be much obliged if any boarders receiving this…
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What’s your Nickname for our Teachers

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Referring to teachers and masters by their nicknames was very much prevalent during our school days, i.e. around the ‘50s and ‘60s. Besides learning mathematics, science, languages, history, geography and discipline for that matter from our teachers and masters, the forty or fifty odd boys in the class would study intently these teachers and masters, observing their traits and come up with interesting nicknames. It was out of respect and a degree of fear that a teacher or master was never directly addressed by his or her nickname. However, behind their backs, more often than not, these teachers or masters…
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Uplift the Rural poor through education and Save Taxes too !!!

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Soon it will be tax time again. Perhaps not the happiest thought but there could be a silver lining … if you make a gift to St. Stanislaus Ex-Students Association (SSESA) now. In Uplat, Talasari District, located about 150 Km North of Mumbai along the Western Express highway, families struggle to send their children to school due to poverty. Since they reside in faraway places and the transport facilities are inadequate the children are placed in boarding in order to ensure they receive good education and are provided with food, clothing, books, etc. To help uplift the Rural poor through…
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Remembering Master Donald on his 40th death anniversary

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Master Bernard Donald was an all rounder, an outstanding sportsman and a teacher teaching many subjects like Maths, English, French and Gen. Science. Whether it was hockey, football or cricket he was always there to play for the staff. Those were the days when cricket was played with equal fervour like hockey and football. The grand cricket match much hyped and played on the school ground on a fine day for cricket amidst the rigours of seasonal monsoon. It was on the afternoon of 30th July 1941 between the staff and the students, the brains versus the brawns. Sir Gregory…
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