Master Devraj Sharma

Master Devraj Sharma
Supervisor of St. Stanislaus for 20 years
Tenure: 08/06/1970 to 30/06/2000

Master SharmaMaster Devraj Sharma was born in the city of Hoshiarpur in Punjab on 15th Oct 1943. The Sharma's were a family of four boys of whom two survive today.

Master Dev Sharma came to Bombay in 1965 after graduating in Science (BSc) from Punjab University. He completed his MSc. at Bombay University and subsequently completed his BEd in Bombay.

From his student days, teaching has been a passion for Master Sharma. He taught at St. Josephs, Vadala from 1966-67. He then taught at Loyola High School, Pune from 1968-69 but found Pune very lonely at the time and promptly returned to Bombay and joined M.H. Saboo Siddik Polytechnic in 1969. While at Saboo Siddik he was spotted by Mr. D'Silva from St. Mary's ICSE who recommended him to Master Teddy Colaco, a teacher of St. Stanislaus, who persuaded Mr. Sharma to join St. Stanislaus High School. Mr. Sharma had a 15-minute interview with Master Neeff and Fr John Lobo the school Principal at the time.

Master Dev Sharma started teaching at the age of 25 years at Stanislaus and at first was very apprehensive when he saw the school boys towering over him. He taught Maths and Science at the 10th (SSC), 11th (Old SSC), FYJC and SYJC. He started as Asst. Teacher and subsequently rose to become Supervisor of the School, a position he held for 20 years. He was also the Vice Principal of the Junior College when it existed at St. Stanislaus.

Mr. Sharma lives in Bandra and is a father of four, three girls and a boy. Urvashi Chougle (Boston), Sharmila Kapoor (Dubai), Jasmin Gautam (Canada) and Ashish Sharma (Australia). He is a proud grandfather of four grandchildren.

A favourite memory of Mr. Sharma was the 57-day strike by the teachers of the school and Junior College that he spearheaded in 1978. This resulted in better pay scales for the teachers. It was during this period that Master Sharma the activist was born.

Master Sharma found that training the boys to live the motto of the school "Born for greater things" both challenging and gratifying. Some of the things that Master Sharma would like to see happening at St. Stanislaus are

  1. Improve the discipline of present day students
  2. Re-training of teachers by encouraging them to attend refresher courses.
  3. Personal one-to-one contact with the students to instill values.
  4. Improve academic standards which he feels have deteriorated.

In his retirement, Master Sharma the activist still lives on. Presently, he is the Treasurer of the Teachers Union, a task he carries out as social service. He also gives tuitions in Maths and Science an activity he loves while passing on his experience to the youth.

A personal wish of Master Sharma is prosperity for every Stanislite and he hopes that every Stanislite can become good human beings and a good citizens of our great country.

Master Sharma's favorite dish is Chicken Manchurian. His hobbies in retirement are watching TV. While a teacher at St. Stanislaus, he was passionate about traveling and organized numerous tours for the school children both within India as well as abroad.

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As I stroll down memory lane

As I stroll down memory lane I would like to mention few opf our teachers from St Stanislaus that in some way or another shaped our lives. Here are some of the names:

Master Shroff, Fr. Alex Coelho, Mrs Nogare, Mrs Bohdwalla, Mrs Helen, Master Jerry, Fr. Robin, Fr. Benjamin, Father Aleu, Master Sharma, Master Dhapat, Master Rai, Mr. Arahna, Mrs Alba, and many many more. I will popst more names as my memory helps me. I need help from my other classmates.




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I would fully concur with

I would fully concur with you that Master Sharma was one of the best Math teacher. Before him, in the earlier grades, I was also impressed with Master Shroff. All faculty members played important role in shaping who we are today. Kudos to all staff who taught us in the 1970-76 time frame.


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I went to Sharma Sir for

I went to Sharma Sir for tutions in 9th and 10th...hes the best maths teacher i've met till today...i owe to him my success in maths and science!!!

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