Jesus Christ is undoubtedly the greatest teacher in history and two thousand years later, the Jesuits, who follow His methods of teaching, remain the top class educators of our times. They are continuously and effectively, empowering street children, tribal adults, city youth and urban boys, all over the world.

St. Stanislaus NIOS
St. Stanislaus NIOS (Stepping Stones)

The St.Stanislaus Stepping Stones Education Program (SSSEP) is yet another endeavour in the ever-evolving Jesuit phenomenon. At its inaugral function, the Provincial of the Society of Jesus in Mumbai, Fr. Francis D’mello had thrown a challenge to the SSSEP staff and management viz. to bring the students of SSSEP back to mainstream education.

Today, just two and a half years later, many of our students have enrolled, to graduate in Arts and Commerce streams of the Mumbai University. Some of our boys are even undergoing training in technical institutes.

SSSEP is a refreshing choice for students who are struggling in vain, to cope with their current educational system for various reasons like chronic ailement, an emotional block, a dysfunctional family situation, a learning disability, slow development or simply a transfer of residence. Many of these children have faced some degree of pain, pressure, misunderstanding or teasing, in their formative years, sometimes from the very persons who are supposed to nuture them. The National Institute’s Open Schooling (NIOS) system that we follow at SSSEP, is student friendly and very flexible. Education is no more how much and how fast to learn but why to learn. Examinations are more incidental than the goal-EDUCATION is the goal!

Our greatest joy is to see each child breathe easier after climbing up to Stepping Stones. Students are taught mearly to read, write and think independently. All are encouraged to participate in everything that happens at Stanislaus. In the process, like precious jewls, they astonish themselves and others with the sparkle of their hidden talents. The improvement in their grooming and posture only reveals a spurt of growth in self confidence.

What is NIOS:

We cannot stop thanking God for our dear Jesuit Fathers, who remain true to their calling and work tirelessly and passionately, seeking new inspiration daily, to meet the educational demands of our challenging times. May Jesus continue to work through our dearest Fr. Lawrie and his fellow Jesuits keeping their “Magis” spirit alive, for our good and the greater glory of God.

What is NIOS:

NIOS follows learner centric approach of teaching through Open and Distance mode. It offers a wide range of subjects in comparision to any other formal school. The learners are free

to choose subject combination as per their needs and goals. The learners study at their own pace from specially designed self-instructional materials. This learning is supplemented by audio-video and face to face contact classes which are held at the study centres on holidays and weekends. The learners have freedom to appear in examination in their subjects one by one as per their preparation. There is a provision of credit accumulation. The registration of the learners is valid for the period of five years.

Courses Offered:

NIOS offers the following courses:- a. Open Basic Education Programme, Which includes following three levels courses OBE ‘A’ Level Course -Equivalent to class III OBE ‘B’ Level Course -Equivalent to class V OBE ‘C’ Level Course -Equivalent to class VIII b. Secondary Course-Equivalent to class X c. Sr. Secondary Course-Equivalent to class XII d. Vocational Education Courses e. Life Enrichment Programmes