The goal of Breakfast Meetings (BM) is to provide a platform for alumni to present a brief insight into the different fields they excel. BM will try to reach a broad audience that includes fellow alumni, teachers past and present and invited guests.

The Teach the Teacher Program (TTTP) is primarily focused on the teacher community. It is an effort to bring returning alumni (or experts in respective fields) to provide training, conduct seminars/presentations that would help existing teachers in enhancing and upgrading their existing skill set.

Guidelines for TTTP/Breakfast Meetings

  • Conduct short courses / seminars / training of topics of du jour.
  • All training materials must be reviewed by BM/TTTP team for content and structure prior to presentation
  • Presenter will provide presentation materials to all participants.
  • A sign-up form will be made available on portal to indicate the number of people attending the course.
  • Presenters may choose to provide their contact details if participants choose to avail of their services.
  • Each presenter to elicit feedback for continous improvement of program.
  • Presenter will provide email & phone contact to team.
  • Presenter will ensure that they provide a 48 hour cancellation notice.
  • Presenter to provide a short profile for portal annoucements.
  • BM/TTTP coordinator will arrange light refeshments for guests.
  • A token gift to presenter as a mark of alumni community appreciation.