Master Butelho

Master Ignatius Butelho
Head of Marathi Department, Head of Scouts
Tenure: 1971 to 2001

Master ButelhoMaster Ignatius Butelho was born on 12th July 1943 in Vasai, not far from Mumbai. He comes from a family of seven brothers and two sisters. He was instrumental in getting his siblings educated. After spending seven years in the seminary he dropped out to ensure his siblings got an education.

Master Butelho studied at the Thomas Baptista High School, Vasai where he completed the Old SSC (Std. XI). Thereafter, he joined the seminary spending seven years there and studying upto Philosophy. After dropping out of the seminary he did his BA at from Vartak College,
Vasai and his B.Ed. from Ulhasnagar college. He also did a BA in Hindi (Sathya Sudhakar) from Mumbai Vidhyapeet.

After completing his education Mr. Butelho almost did not pursue a career as a teacher. He worked at a mill for six months but soon realized he was wasting his knowledge and promptly returned to teaching.

Master Butelho started teaching at the age of 29 years. He first taught at Our Lady of Health School, Sahar for two years from 1969 to October 1971. He joined St. Stanislaus High School in November 1971. He was interviewed by the then principal Fr. John Lobo. He taught Hindi, Marathi, Scouting, Work Experience, Vocational Exploration and Religion. He taught from Class V to Class X. Mr. Butelho was the head of Scouts at St. Stanislaus as well as Head of the Marathi Department.

His experience as a teacher has taught him personally that "One can start from zero and yet become an expert through hard work" He has always tried to pass this fact of life to his students.

One memory that will always remain with Master Butelho was when heMaster Butelho Teaching was able to turn around a notorious student on whom most had given up on. Today this very young man salutes "Sir' whenever they meet.

Master Butelho has found that at St. Stanislaus there is scope to excel and potential for self growth for both student and staff. At St. Stanislaus he was able to develop children with love.

Some things Mr. Butelho wishes he could change at St. Stanislaus are

  • Improve student discipline
  • Pay special attention to difficult children and treat them with love
  • Be absolutely sure when correcting a child or risk permanent scarring the child.
  • Encourage more practical work and on the job training.
  • Reduce activities that are solely done to earn name and fame

A dream for Mr. Butelho is that the students of St. Stanislaus should strive to excel on the world stage; to produce eminent and deeply human students which in turn will make their teachers proud and fulfilled.

Mr. Butelho has one son and a daughter. His son is a Stanislite. His daughter Pramila Gonsalves is a teacher at St. Stanislaus High School. He is a proud grandfather of three.

Mr. Butelho was instrumental in creating course work at the SSC level for St. Stanislaus in cooking. This is one of the subjects now taught at St. Stanislaus for students who want to opt out of the computer course.

Mr. Butelho's passion is cooking and he is always experimenting. He is an excellent cook. His favorite dish is Butter chicken and stuffed tandoori.

In his retirement he is kept busy by his grandchildren. His main challenge these days is his small catering company "Grace Caterers". However he loves the work as he is always learning something new. He has also recently started trading online in the stock markets an activity purely to learn, of course the icing on his cake is that he earns while trading online .

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Master Butelho's phone number?

Gerry/whoever reads this, is there anyone who could get me Master Butelho's phone number? (I've not tried the Mumbai White Pages) I was in Bombay & Vasai in 2008/9 & am visiting again Nov/Dec/Jan 2009/10. He couldn't live too far from my wife's place in Manickpur. I'd like to thank him for something he did for me in school, in person. Wouldn't mind publishing what for after done!

Adrian +61402246364.

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Great to see Butelho after

Great to see Butelho after all these years. I still picture him with the 80's hairstyle...long hair covering the ears.

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Really nice to see Mr

Really nice to see Mr Butelho!

He prepared amazing chicken biryani in my first scout camp, I'll never forget that! Strict teacher, but yet one of the most memorable. God Bless you!

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teacher profiles

nice insights ... kudos!


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