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I would certainly like to

I would certainly like to hear about Aubrey Pereira`s meeting with the Pope, the Queen, the U.S. President etc.,

I am sure all ex-stanislites would be proud.


Aubrey Fonseca

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The Pen, the Sword, the Bandra Boy

From fledgling Stanislite contributor, to Free Press Bulletin crime reporter, to Deputy News Editor The Daily and The Indian Post (1980s), to U.S. Army Corporal 1st Squadron 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Germany, and 1st Gulf War (1990-1991) veteran, to US Govt. civilian service San Francisco Bay Area.

Still nostalgic of the Stanislaus Class of 1973, the awesome retreats at Lands End, Khandala and Lonavla; the XI standard social with the graduating girls of St. Joseph's; the Wells-of-Death, Wigwam and September Garden escapedes at the Bandra Fair;  the hotly contested St. Peter's parish zonal contests;  sunset-to-sunrise Sea Rock, Supari Talao dances, and midnight terrace parties; the saasta sales and mini-olympics; the blockbuster adolescent days, and growing curves at St. Xavier's College,  Dhobi Talao; the gorgeous girls on Suburban Times and Bandra Star;  my haaddahs at Casbah, Lucky's, Bandra Bandstand, Danda, Carter Road, and Juhu; the overnight jaunts to Manori, Gorai, Powai and Vihar;  the exhausting badminton workouts, taaja khabhar and late night drinks at Bandra Gym with my shippie friends that returned home to party and spend; the bhelpuri, beija, goorda and kaleji stalls and other holes-in-the-wall from Bandra  to Colaba; my friends in Bandra, Mazgaon, Bamanwada, and Chembur, and the girls I left behind.... the nightly rendezvous with the sleuths of Bandra, Juhu, Mahim, Kherwadi, and Santa Cruz; the local politicos - some ministers, one a Hill Road martyr and ex-Stanislite to boot, others builders and kingpins; and finally the novena at St. Michael's and late night stops at the grotto across Mount Mary's before suddenly jetting off to the USA, to turn the page so to speak;  and my good ol' banged up Lambretta that saw me through all these,

Now middle-aged, well-travelled, bifocalled and half-bald, sudhraoed, family man, son's school baseball coach and basketball / soccer practice chaperone. But much the Bandra boy in soul and spirit, like Goa sausages and caju feni  available here, sorpatel and sambhar, chutney and roast, all kinds of toast,  barbeque, and a wife that sings above High C............ Soglae mix!

So goes the saying - You can take the boy out of the country, not the country out of the boy!

-- Neville Bulldog


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Flt. Lt Tolly DeSouza

One of my 2 uncles who served in the IAF. He died before I was born. If anyone has a picture or info please post. I am also proud to have Wg. Cmdr Farias on here.

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Wg.Cmdr Farias


Pl share pictures or military history that concerns your 2 Uncles. We can put it up in the History->Armed Forces section

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How i impress my colleagues with our website

Whenever i show our website to my colleagues at work, i start with this section, i.e. Armed Forces. You should watch how awed they get with the pictures and the fact they came out from the same school. From the recent comments, it appears that there are many more pictures of men who have done their country and their school proud. Keep uploading gentlemen, pictures and yes, some history.

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Truncated Photos

The photos of Gr. Captain Terence D'Sa,Major Leon Fonseca and Flt. Lt Lawrence Pereira are truncated and the complete face of each of them is cut off. Is this some defect of my PC, our web site or were the originals themselves truncated? But, all togother inspiring and would be a favourite visiting spot.

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Truncated Photos

I can see complete photographs of the three you mention.

Are you using a dial up connection. Try hitting the Refresh button.

Yes I agre this is an inspiring section of the site. We need to identify and keep adding to to this list of Stanislites.

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one more combat veteran stanislite from armed forces


Francis sent me this link. All i can say is wow!! Good to know that we soldiers are being appreciated. Have seen a bit of battle myself during my 2 years in J&K. Will submit a profile asap.

Vinod 9322590634

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Book Presentation

Book Presentation at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Book Presentation

by Major L.G. Fonseca (Retd.)

The 21st May, 2007 was a lovely spring day when I visited the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, as a guest of the Commandant, Major General Peter Pearson CBE of the Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Since 1741 the RMAS has been training future officers of the British Army. The 75 year old Indian Military Academy at Dehra Dun has been modelled on the lines of the RMAS and it was interesting to learn of similar customs and traditions.

Museum TourThe purpose of my visit was to present to the RMAS, on behalf of Major General Eustace D'Souza PVSM, a copy of his book "A Royal Tribute", A History of the 5th Battalion, The Maratha Light Infantry1800-2005. Major General Eustace and myself are Stanislites and served in the Maratha Light Infantry .

Accompanying me was Major General A.R. Cornock CBE, who served in the 6th Battalion MLI from 1940-1948, in the NWFP and Burma. Eighty Six year old General Cornock is the President of the MLI Officers Association, UK.

The Presentation was held in The Indian Army Memorial Room, which was originally a Chapel and Consecrated in 1813. After the break-up of the British Indian Army in 1948, this room became The Indian Army Museum, and in 1970 The Indian Army Memorial Room. The central chandelier, the stained glass windows, the Regimental crests hanging on the walls, the display of medals, portraits, and other artefacts all commemorate the loyal and brave service of Regiments of the erstwhile British Indian Army.

On the dot of 0930 General Pearson along with his ADC arrived and extended a hearty greeting. After a cup of tea, the General graciously accepted "A Royal Tribute". He was impressed by the get up and contents of the history, himself being a author of the three volume History of The 10 GR. He informed me that the book would be put on display and requested another copy for the Academy library.

For the next hour General Pearson conducted us around the Indian Army Memorial Room, pointing outTour artefacts pertaining to the MLI. We were also shown wall plaques listing names of British Indian Army Officers, who laid down their lives during WW 1 and WW II. Along the corridor walls were displayed pictures and paintings of Indian soldiers, including our own Maratha, Victoria Cross winners,Naik Yashwant Ghadge (10 July 1944 - Italy) and Sepoy Namdeo Jadhav (9 April 1945 Italy).

We were next escorted to the Academy Chapel by the Commandant. In the Chapel too old British Indian Army Regimental crests were displayed and plaques listing names of Christian Officers killed in the World Wars. We had an interesting conversation on the History of The Maratha Light Infantry since it's raising in 1768.

All in all, this was a memorable and nostalgic visit. Thanks are due in no small measure to General Pearson for spending an hour and personally taking us around. The next presentation of "A Royal Tribute" will be at the United States Military Academy West Point, next month.  

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What has this to do with Stanislaus???

I have met the Queen,The Pope and the U.S.President.....BUUUUUT I dont like to Show who I know or who I met in my life time.

It is not what you KNOW but WHO you KNOW


Aubrey Pereira

P.S.When I was in Baghdad they were still in their Dad's Bag

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