Some Things we did

On some Sundays the Prefect would announce that we would be going to Lands End for an outing. We knew what it meant, so we had old jam bottles ready. Then we treked in orderly lines in pairs on Hill Road towards St Andrews Church and along the sea face to Lands End. Once there we went onto the Rocks and looked for black maulies, found them and managed to get them into the jam bottle along with the sea water.

These were our pets and every day we rubbed two guttlies to gether to drop the crumbs into the bottle to feed the fish. I am not sure where, but we at times managed to get raw mangoes, cut them into bits and soak them in salted water as a pickle. Another favorite passtime was carving wood which were from a particular tree growing out like boils. The idea was to slice it off the tree and the carve an initial of your name onto it.

Then you could dip it in ink and have your own stamp.But another one of our co boarders had a better idea. He would borrow (really) white chalk and carve out fantastic statues of Mother Mary, Jesus or the Saints. Now what’s his name, for the life of me I can’t remember. Like I said in another entry, my forte was aero modelling using rubbish as raw materials. Yes Boarders were a real improving lot.

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