Fr. Bulchand

Father Bulchand was a rare individual. The first impression I had of him was that he appeared to be bundle of energy. That energy seemed to come out from his stare which seemed to go right through you. He was our high school maths teacher, and though he was brilliant in the subject, he presumed you were equally good at the subject.

This is where we developed a mutual dislike. He eventually informed me that since I had no brains, it would be better for me to take up an apprenticeship in a garage. I didn’t believe him, or for that matter I didn’t believe any teacher’s negative comments. Good for me! He was also our Prefect for some time and the reason I remember him is the example he set in repentance and humility. Thus my respect for him was renewed.

It so happened that there was an incident and that the alleged culprit was identified. That night after night prayers, Father Bulchand called the alleged culprit to the center of the dormitory. Then he undid his own belt and gave that boy a whipping he would never forget. We were all stunned and there was a deathly silence.

The next day once again before going to bed, after the night prayers, Father Bulchand put off the lights and took off his cassock. He said loudly that he had made a grievious mistake and whipped the wong boy. Therefore he apologised publicly and proceeded to whip himself even more than he did the previous night. After this we saw this great and humble man in a new light. I don’t know where he is now but I may God bless him.

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