Composting is one of the best ways you can reduce the amount of waste you are responsible for. It is the most effective and efficient way of returning Carbon to the soil. When Composting is done at source the benefits are multiplied several times.
In the past year a few households, societies and institutions in Bandra have not had the need to use the daily BMC garbage trucks that contribute to the many landfills around Mumbai.

What started off as devising a simple low cost method for conveniently composting food waste for one family on an experimental basis has now spread to 20 other locations with many more in active discussions.

The Compost Tumbler has answers to problems faced by those who are already doing composting with varied levels of success; whether the stench, the rodents & cats, lack of space, no soil, meat & fish waste, etc. As it is closed it eliminates these factors as well as making for idealy weather-proof.

Ventilation allows fresh air in and drainage ensures ridding of excess moisture. A weather resistant frame with pivots for tumbling the bin results in an ideal aerobic composting environment that can be maintained for many years.

All that it needs is our wet and dry organic waste put in, a couple of tumbles a day and about 15 to 20 days later, depending upon conditions conducive, the compost is ready.

The Process is activated with micro organisms that multiply in an environment that is a correct balance of wet and dry bio waste and oxygen. The micro organisms heat up the waste and kill all harmful bacteria. As you add more waste the micro organisms eat and multiply in proportion to the food available. Then when the sources of food they thrive on no longer exist they disappear as fast as they appeared.

Would you like to join us? We have solutions that make it easy. Compost tumblers for Societies in two sizes, Crushers and Strainers, Compost Accelerators, Odor & Moisture Control Agents; all conveniently made available. We provide on site support, training and maintenance of your compost process.

For more information we have all the details on our website: and on the JAAI website: You can also send us an email: or call us on: 09221472472 / 09820442476. We will be glad to get you started and running for nature. Nature never produces waste. Mimic Nature … that’s responsible progress.

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