Joe my Hero – it’s hard to imagine

‘Tis hard to imagine the medicine man old and infirm on a bed.In this child’s eyes all was well for Joe was his Peter Pan! Hard to imagine the medicine man with heart so large and full of love, old and infrm on a bed a battle weary hero whose had enough. Imagine the medicine man hale and hearty, infirm on a bed. Get up Peter Pan! The Medicine Man, our history he holds.

Now give him a hand! make men in his mold! Medicine Man, our Hero Peter Pan. In a class by yourself both teacher and taught! Since words fail me and there’s so much to tell, I just put it down as it came. So there you are! I hope to tell all I can remember especially in my very childhood when in that intimidating time, when there was one person who understood. That was Joe the medicine man.

Daril Atkins

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