New Boarders 1950

I was all of five years old when my Mom took me to this school in the evening, holding my hand. In her other hand she held a metal trunk and a bedroll under her arm. The very tall church and buildings seemed to zoom into the sky as I scanned the surroundings. We were greeted by a priest who I later learnt was Brother Fonseca.

Of course I had no idea what was going to happen. But as the Brother took hold of my hand, I hugged the small cake my Mom had given me. She placed the trunk and bed roll down and planted a tight kiss on my cheek and I felt the wetness. She was crying; a cue for me to cry too. So promptly I burst out with a bawl. Through my tears, and straining the leash I reached out for Mom. But she was not there. Welcome new boarder to the boarding in St. Stanislaus High School.

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