At the Sesquicentennial Road Races a motley group of Stanislites, both ex & present harangued me about the colour of our school badge on my athletic vest circa 1973/74 which I’d proudly pinned onto my tee-shirt for the event.

Their tirade was that the background colour of the Stanislaus, Bandra badge was always green, never ever blue.

Although the shade seems skewed [thanx to the Pune manufacturer & our person that overlooked it], here friends are my Loyola House badges 1970 thru 75 [std XI] which incorporate our school badge … proof that our alma mater’s badge was indeed blue, i.e. a mix of our school colours, green & yellow.

The front of the vest has the name of our school emblazoned sash format in our school colours green & yellow. The back has the erstwhile name of our city Bombay emblazoned also in our school colours.

When & how that changed … I’d like to know.

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