Some Unusual People

Who we remember from our childhood and who we forget is probably not a matter of choice. Those we yet remember may have struck us at that time as unusual people from a child’s point of view. Well here are some I yet remember.

One was Prem who was in charge of keeping the toilets clean. Believe me ( I know you do) the general toilets needed constant cleaning, and I remember Prem going about his daily work with a smile on his face. I just could not figure out how anyone with this kind of task could smile.

Another was Bahadur (as all Gurkhas are called), who was short and very stocky and walked with a swagger. Every night he would patrol the school and boarding premises on the look out for thieves. He told us that in the event he felt too sleepy, he would make a cut on his finger and put chilli in it to keep him awake. His tools were his baton (which he would tap loudly on the walls to let everyone know that we were protected) and a real big dagger. These were the people who lived on the premises as we did so there was enough opportunity to get to know them.

At the gate was Ozzie who did not work for the school but was down and out. He was a more or less permanent fixture at the gate and was tolerated by those in charge. We formed an informal club to feed Ozzie daily after supper. He made it a point to look presentable and his outstanding feature was his enormous Elvis puff.

Master Gregory and Joe I mentioned in previous posts, but the sacristy in charge (Sebastian, I think). He was thin and so very very solemn that he appeared very strict which he was too with us altar boys. He kept a stern eye on us. Another humble man who kept doing his duty and silently. I rarely heard him talk. Among other there was Bro Pinerio who was generally found in the refectory store where we could go to buy extra bread if we had the money. He occupied himself by drawing very good portraits. Certainly he could have been a very good artist. There are others too, but later.

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