Reunion 2009

I’ve never been to a reunion. Just imagine after over 40 years meeting classmates who one may not even recognize. And so much water has passed under the bridge, people have changed. But we will have one thing in common and that is the fact that we were all once upon a time students of St. Stanislaus High School, some of us boarders, some day scholars. We will have shared may memories, like classes, teachers, events, and the school itself. This school was once more than my family and on my last day there, I did feel a deep sense of loss.

Then again in over 40 years, the school has changed too and has kept up with the times.Though like many of us who have aged yet have kept up with the changing times, so too the school probably has the same character but has moved forward. We have the Jesuits to thank. All this achievement is great but it is the force behind that must be recognized. So lest we forget, lets give due credit to the Jesuits for the great work they have done and are doing. As we grew up and married and had kids of our own, we began to recall all the yarns of the good old days. My kids would laugh at my antics and ask many questions which I answered as honestly as I could.

So at this reunion if I do make it, lets hope we see many of the Jesuits who were there during that era. Those I would like to see are Fr. Casale, Fr. Barjao, Brother Toth, Brother Fonseca, Fr. Fabregad, Fr. Freddie Pimenta, Fr. Rebello, Fr. Bulchand, Brother Pinerio among others.

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