How I came to be a Stanislite

Come to think about it, I was destined to school in St. Stanislaus High School. My bond with the school goes back way before I was even born. My maternal Uncle, Henry Scott was a boarder there and was well liked by Fr. Ribot. And my parents were married there in 1942. So when I became unmanageable in 1950, my mother contacted my Uncle and there I was, a boarder. One thing I could and did boast about was the list of sudents names just outside the principal’s office. My Uncle’s name was clearly mentioned. Well, Henry Scott was an artist, trained at the J.J. School of Art, went on to become a textile designer, and died a bachelor.

Whats more is that my first cousins were day scholars in this school and good hockey players. One was Vivien Barnett. And by the way, though I did not shine at school in sports, in college I played goal keeper and before long I was the Gujarat University goal keeper. They say that I could hit any potential goal hitter’s shins so smoothly that he would not come back to try again. But then you have to appreciate that when at school, we played at times twenty players to a side and had two to three goal keeper simultaneously, and we did take a chance when the Brothers or Fathers came to play. They had just invented shin pads. But….

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