More names keep popping in my head. There was Thomas Marshal, who I know became a really good commercial artist. Then there was Reggie, who I thought looked always very sleepy. There were the brothers Sabu and Franklin. Both were hansome, one was short and stocky and the other was thin and taller. Now come to think of it, Franklin resembled the singer Prince. There was John Carvallo who was very studious and a damn good hockey player. Frank (Butler) was another good hockey player.

Among Fathers and Brothers, there was Fr. Donelly, Fr. Soler, Fr. Barjao, Fr. Cassale, Fr. Fabregad, Fr. Lobo, Fr. Bulchand, Fr. Freddy, Fr. Aleo, Brother Toth, Brother Fonseca, Brother Pinerio, Brother D’Abrio, Brother Rebello (Boxer), Brother D’sa, and others. OK so lets say it! My experience as a boarder in a Jesuit School, gave me the insight that priests are also men and very human. I know this is not the forum for elaboration on this topic, so suffice to say, I liked some, not all, and the feeling was mutual.

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