Uplift the Rural poor through education and Save Taxes too !!!

Soon it will be tax time again. Perhaps not the happiest thought but there could be a silver lining … if you make a gift to St. Stanislaus Ex-Students Association (SSESA) now.

In Uplat, Talasari District, located about 150 Km North of Mumbai along the Western Express highway, families struggle to send their children to school due to poverty. Since they reside in faraway places and the transport facilities are inadequate the children are placed in boarding in order to ensure they receive good education and are provided with food, clothing, books, etc.

To help uplift the Rural poor through education, SSESA has been financially assisting the Gnanmata Adivasi School for girls and boys, over the years, to provide the children with the basic items, through regular funding that is used to provide text and exercise books, a uniform, towels, bed sheets, electric generator for power supply to run fans and equipment, solar equipment for cooking and lighting or whatever might stop a child from dropping out of boarding school.

For many young students like Eman (fictitious name), a proper study room can make all the difference. He studies outdoors; trying to stay within the shade of the trees as the present study facilities are just enough for the seniors appearing for the board exams. Proper facilities will make him feel better about himself and become more confident in class.

The old school building was small, outliving its usefulness and a new two storied structure is presently being constructed. Frs. Malcolm Netto and Joaquim Tellis have told us that completion of the new school building is a priority and we’d like to help them achieve this as soon as possible, to ensure they have a positive learning environment for the children.

It is a well run school, but is very short of funds – and that is where SSESA’s ethos comes in. Like any school, their needs are ongoing and they are currently appealing for funds towards a new school building and we hope to do all we can to assist.

This is an appeal to you, for donations to SSESA to help the Gnanmata Adivasi School. Please be assured that your donations will go directly to meet the construction costs and to help the school run its activities. It will not be channeled to any other needs or projects.

The children at Gnanmata Adivasi School need you … SSESA needs you! Help keep a child in school … s/he can’t do it without you!

Please send your cheques to the SSESA Lead for this project:-

Ronald Mascarenhas
Rosedale, 2nd Floor,
12 Rebello Road,
Bandra, Mumbai 400 050

E-mail: ronaldmascar@gmail.com
Mobile: 9769071344

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