Remembering Master Donald on his 40th death anniversary

Master Bernard Donald was an all rounder, an outstanding sportsman and a teacher teaching many subjects like Maths, English, French and Gen. Science. Whether it was hockey, football or cricket he was always there to play for the staff. Those were the days when cricket was played with equal fervour like hockey and football. The grand cricket match much hyped and played on the school ground on a fine day for cricket amidst the rigours of seasonal monsoon. It was on the afternoon of 30th July 1941 between the staff and the students, the brains versus the brawns. Sir Gregory was the leading the staff and Simon Pinto the skipper for the boys. Master Donald was the hero and spearhead of the bowling attack, when the brawns were skittled like nine pins for paltry 66 runs. Although Master Donald did not score, with stalwarts and big hitters like Master Hubert, Fr. Britto, Master Anthony, Master Hashumani, Master Frank Gomes and Master Neeff they romped home comfortably. Once again the Masters proved that they were brainy and brawny and were not only good in teaching inside the classrooms but were equally good outside. (So vividly described in 1943 St. Stanislaus Magazine)

Master Donald was a towering personality, calm, composed and soft spoken. He was studious in nature and nobody ever dared to take any undue liberty with him. But I do remember there was one boy Agnello, who dared and paid heavily. He forwarded a concocted fake geometrical rider which made no sense and asked Master Donald to solve it. While Sir was busy solving on the board from the corner of his eyes he noticed that Agnello was laughing slyly. At once, Sir realized the tomfoolery and with his duster dexterity all hell was let loose on Agnello. Master Donald was a disciplinarian but always eager to help anyone with a genuine difficulty

I think it was 5th March 1974. I have no right word whether to call it intuition, telepathy, coincidence or destiny that brought me one evening loitering at the New Talkies. I noticed across the road there was a gathering and some activity near Master Donald’s house near Casbah Hotel. On reaching there, I heard the most stunning, sad and shocking news of the death of Master Donald. The very thought of my favourite teacher, who taught me a few years ago was no more, was very depressing and disturbing that night. The Master and the Magnanimous teacher was laid to rest next day in our school cemetery, the hallowed place, the Institution where he rightly belonged and had spent greater part of his life mentoring and moulding young minds.

.R.I. P. Sir!

Contributed by Pramod Mankar

Class of 1967

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