Can anything be done at all?

I just read Sir Mark Tully’s “Will India heed the wake-up call? and cannot help sharing his skepticism as to whether politicians will stop interfering in creating institutions for security and intelligence. I am hoping that public interest groups will issue a clarion call to action. An action where ideological differences are put to the side and these groups collaborate to relentlessly drive politicians and public servants in taking concrete, measurable steps for a safer Mumbai.

And while there are a number of Facebook groups on the Mumbai terror events, we also need local action that can be backed up by virtual groups on FB, Orkut or others. It is about time Mumbai created something like that can be used to raise awareness among citizens and to let politicians know they are being followed. Because they need to get their act together.

Updated 9.14 CET, 3.12.08: A few typos corrected – Francis

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