Mumbai, My Mumbai !

In St. Stanislaus High School, then as perhaps now, there were boys from all communities and we were peaceful. Typical competitive behavior was but natural as in any other school. The typical school day began with the prayer in the shed (as we called it then – the space between the stationary and the Donnelly ground) and recess found most boys playing or in groups. Sports day and other events found the boys enjoying together as we did the picnics.

As the years went by, we grew into adults, some of us grandfathers, the scene has radically changed. Communities seem to have separated. Many of us saw no real difference between us and the boys from the Hindu and Muslim communities. But in the real world we are expected to pledge loyalty to our own communities, perhaps for our own security. This divisive character has become fertile ground for manipulators who as we can see have succeeded in breeding suspicion among communities. Now we are paying the price and its seems that daily life is one we must fear. No telling what happens next.

It is very imperative to rally the alumni and the current school boys to begin a dialogue, to reach out, to understand, to trust, to assist, to get rid of fears, to break down the walls, to unite. We were given knowledge and values at this school so that we can think about issues and perhaps make choices. We are not ones who can be manipulated by politicians or their muscle. Or are we? Yes we are IF we stand divided. Thus unity is the key, just as it is in its most negative scenario (mobs).

As Jesus our Lord and Savior told us “love thy neighbour”, let us at least try.

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