My Dear Stanislites,

Principal Anna Correa
Principal Anna Correa

If only the walls of St. Stanislaus School could speak they would tell a multitude of stories. Stories of little boys who became men in these classrooms and on these grounds, of their personal triumphs, of the camaraderie they shared, the lessons they learned and the friendships that began within these walls. These are your stories my dear alumni which started out here at your alma mater and which I am sure you often share, when you meet up with other Stanislites, in the different parts of the globe you reside in.

As I take over the reins of this great institution, I wish to reiterate how important all of you are to the school and its future progress. I consider you an integral part of the Stanislaus Parivar. SSESA has always collaborated with the school on various projects and has supported the school in its efforts to give our young Stanislites quality education in keeping with the times, with the emphasis on the Jesuit “magis” or “more is possible.”

The gates of St. Stanislaus High School will always be open to you and you are welcome to come in at anytime. You may find some changes, new faces and new customs, but at its very heart, your school is still the same where boys can still be boys and the lessons learned within these walls serve you for a lifetime.

Your friend at St. Stanislaus,

Anna Correa