Launching and then what…

The launch is tomorrow and the second milestone of a journey that started early 2006 (the first milestone being the approval by the managing committee on July 10). Gerry has since worked tirelessly as Chief Technology Officer, Photographer, Host, Liaison Officer and much much more. Put simply “a doer”!!

The pilot has given feedback and generated enough interest for us and we can launch knowing we have more or less all the bits in place and the functionality is fine. NOW, we can focus on securing more content… and generating DISCUSSION and DEBATE. The latter was the goal for this project from the first day — i.e. not another communication portal — but a collaborative portal. A portal where Stanislites share ideas, viewpoints and memories — one that can go a long way to making St Stanislaus the best school in India … one that has ACTIVE ALUMNI to show for it.

Now it is content time!

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