SSESA Lonavla Picnic 2011

It was another fun filled three days with loads of rest and relaxation that was the highlight of this year’s SSESA Lonavla picnic. The St. Stanislaus Villa at Lonavla never fails to refresh our city souls. The start of the monsoon rains added to the lushness of the foliage at the villa. This year’s heavy rains allowed only minor treks which were still refreshing encounters with Mother Nature.

Charles (1967) and Mohini Dias celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary at this year’s Lonavla picnic. It was touching to learn that they chose to celebrate with their fellow Stanislites in Lonavla. There was fun and games and dancing and lots of good food. Thanks to Ronnie Mascarenhas and Royce D’silva who sponsored a delicious dinner on our first day at Lonavla.

This year’s picnic like the last two picnics would never have happened thanks to the tireless efforts of Denzil Rego (1975) and Jeffery Gonsalves (1963). Special thanks to the Rego family for their thoughtfulness while helping organize the picnic.

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