New year resolutions…

… seemed to have played themselves out. Or at least that’s how I saw it till some time ago. On further reflection, I found them to be a good mechanism to set or renew personal ambitions and goals.

So, if the Ex-Student Association was a person; I wonder what this person’s New Year resolutions would be? The mission statement for the association can give some direction — however these are useless unless backed up with acheivable targets (or even targets to stretch for).

So my resolution on behalf of this “person” is to work towards enhancing the school library; making it a place for inspiration and ambition. For reflection and for enlightenment.

The Aussies have already started the New Year.. here in Oslo, we will be ushering in the New Year with another Stanislite Mike Barretto and family.

Whatever our resolutions, I wish us success in 2007 in all that we set our minds to do! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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