SSESA visits Gnanmata Adivasi School, Uplat – 1st November 2015

As planned, SSESA members, Charles Dias, Ronald Mascarenhas, Royce D’Silva and Terence de Souza, representing SSESA, visited the Gnanmata Adivasi School, Uplat, Talasari on 1st November 2015 and interacted with Frs. Malcolm Nato and Joaquim Tellis on the progress of construction of the new School building. We were told that the children are anxiously waiting to attend classes in the new building.

During our on-site review, we observed that 75 percent of the work has been completed. We were given to understand that this would be the first structure of its kind in the area and they are hoping that it will be completed before the beginning of the next scholastic year. We are hopeful for them too!

In keeping with SSESA’s desire to brighten up the lives, at Diwali, of the underprivileged Adivasi children through education, we presented them with Rs. 2 Lakhs, from donations received from ex-Stanislites, towards part-payment of the costs for benches and desks being fabricated for the School. The total cost of the School furniture is estimated at Rs. 11 Lakhs. We optimistic of getting there through further generous donations from you, our ex-Stanislites!

On this visit to the Uplat, it was a pleasure to be accompanied by Charles Dias’ charming daughter, Divya, who is gainfully employed with game creation and development. She has volunteered to extend her expertise in this field to make study for the Adivasi kids more interesting, through gaming techniques. Divya and a group of like-minded friends/colleagues will be visiting and interacting with the teaching staff and students of the school, on this matter.

So guys, that’s it for now! We brightened their Diwali. Let’s do it for Christmas too!

The kids at Gnanmata Adivasi School definitely need more assistance. SSESA can help them immensely, if you do a bit too!

Please donate, as much as you can, towards this project!

SSESA helps build Gnanmata Adivasi School Uplat Village near Talasari Read details here… Posted by St. Stanislaus High School Alumni on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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