LORDS of the LAST BENCHES by Julian D www.dear2me.ca

LORDS of the LAST BENCHES by Julian d www.dear2me.ca

The title of the book Lords of the Last Benches by Julian D is an inspirational statement made by Miss Hope, teacher of VII A at Stanislaus High School in the late 70’s and 80’s. The author is ever grateful to Miss HOPE.

Then her student, NOW an author..we are truly


The author is featured in various print media, radio and on television, in Canada. Note worthy to be a special guest on the World Record (Guinness) Longest Talk Show with Suresh Joachim in Canada.

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Fr Jude Fernandes SJ. Current Principal of St.Stanislaus. 2012.

“You just added one more feather to your school.

St. Stanislaus is proud of you”.

Clarence Gomes Editor and Owner of Bandra Times.
“Brings back nostalgic memories of our school days at St. Stanislaus Bandra.”

Lords of the Last Benches is a collection of stories approximately (150 pages) that takes the reader through Bandra a suburb in Mumbai. It is a child’s journey through the school of life. Be it on the shores of Carter Road to catch fish or gaze at the sunset on the rocks of Bandstand. Running along the slopes of Mount Mary’s Church and through the Bandra Fair. It takes one back to the playgrounds of Khar Gymkhana, to kite flying, playing cricket or watching your dog exercise.

The child learns his lessons on the way to school. Proudly the reader recalls the days he walked the corridors of the school, sat on the benches. Studied in the classrooms, swam in the swimming pool or chased dragon flies in the yard of the institution. Not to mention his meal in the lunch room. These fond memories takes the reader to the basketball court, saying a quite prayer while on the steps of St Peter’s Church or enjoying a hockey game on the field.

Stories, situations, names, characters bearing any resemblance to real persons or events mentioned in Lords of the Last Benches are purely coincidental. But as one reads the stories, and the situation one may claim, “Those were the days”, “This is my Alma Mater”, “I walked these streets and prayed in the churches”. For those that have not experienced this suburb, reading Lords of the Last Benches gives you a glimpse of Khar – Bandra. The Queen of the suburb of Mumbai.

India’s financial hub.

Lords of the Last Benches is the wisdom passed on by some of the brilliant minds and even so by some of the most generous hearts. To the reader, as you journey through the book your eagerness to receive lessons in familiar situations unites you to the champions in each situation.

It brings out the Champion in Us. The sequel is in the works…so is our learning.

Julian D. Mississauga Canada.

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