End of an Era-Joe RIP


We regret to inform you that Joe Maumkel passed away on July 16th 2007. His funeral service was held on July 17th 2007 at 4.15pm at St. Peters Church Bandra.

In 1947 Kippary Alphonse Maumkel arrived to work at St. Stanislaus at the age of 17. The Spanish Jesuits at the time found his name a tongue twister and started referring to him as Joe, Joseph being his father's name.


Rs 2.6cr Buffett lunch is my guru dakshina

From Times of India : July 4th, 2007

by Chidanand Rajghatta | TNN

Guru Dakshina StanislitesWashington: New York City’s storied Smith&Wollensky restaurant, described as the steakhouse to end all arguments, does not allow seating on the floor.

If it did, Mohnish Pabrai will be only too happy to sit at the feet of investment guru Warren Buffett and soak up some more financial gyaan.

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Sr. No.NameClass ofCountryAmount (Rupees)Status
1Vikram Moorjani1985 USARs.11,343PAID
2Kishore Shahani1967 MexicoRs.4,050PAID
3Dilip Sujan1985 USARs.2,000PAID
4Raymond Mendonca1985 UAERs.12,432PAID
5Al Naseer Zakaria1985 IndiaRs.300PAID
6Aubrey Pereira1974 AustraliaRs.1,000PAID
7Rakesh Chedda1981 IndiaRs.200PAID
8Gautam Patil1985 USARs.12,432PAID
9Anupam Gupta1987 IndiaRs.4,050PAID
10Zaheer Contractor1996 USARs.810PAID
11Ivor Albuquerque1985 CanadaRs.4,050PAID
12Amin Jaffer1985 CanadaRs.4,050PAID
13Naresh Pillai (Friends of Stanislaus)JuniorCollege 1979USARs.810PAID
14Karl Pinto1985 USARs.4,050PAID
15Anonymous1977 IndiaRs.10,000PAID
16Rakesh Talwar1990 USARs. 2,025PAID
17Anonymous1985 USARs.4090.50PAID
18Brendon Fernandes1985 USARs.3,037.50PAID
19Anthony deSouza-Lawrence1977 USARs. 4,050PAID
20Hashim Merchant1993 USARs. 4,050PAID
21Michael Lobo1958 USARs. 4,050PAID
22M Bakore1992 IndiaRs. 243PAID
23Ramachandran Sukumar1970 CanadaRs.1012.50PAID
24Neale Murray1977 IndiaRs.5,000PAID
25David D'sa1989 UAERs. 4,050PAID
26Darayus Buhariwalla1977 IndiaRs.1000PAID
27Deepak Shetty1993 USARs.2025PAID
28David F C De Souza1972 AustraliaRs.4050PAID
29St. Stanislaus Ex-Students AssociationJuniorCollege 1979IndiaRs. 1,000PAID
30Rajiv Dixit1985 USARs.2025PAID
31Ritesh Shetty1987 UKRs.4,050PAID
32llidio Borges1967 IndiaRs. 500PAID
33Steven Dmello1979 IndiaRs. 1,000PAID
34Vinod Nair1984 IndiaRs. 500PAID
35Sabbir Rangwala1975 USARs. 20,250PAID
36Aashish Sharma1989 AustraliaTBDPLEDGED
37Dhimant Vyas1985 IndiaRs. 3,000PAID
38Yasin Jesani1987 KenyaRs. 2,025PAID
39Oneil Rego1989 USATBDPLEDGED
40Kunal Choksi1992 IndiaTBDPLEDGED
41Tyrone Fernandes1969 IndiaRs.100PAID
42Abhay Shetty1975 USARs. 2,025PAID
43Clyde Dos Santos1968 USARs.4050PAID
44Anonymous1978 Gurgaon,IndiaRs.5000PAID
45Irfan Nooruddin1989 USARs.7,500PAID
46Zaheer Nooruddin1991 IndiaRs.7,500PAID
47Deepak Kotak1986 IndiaRs.501PAID
48Atish Bangara1987 AustraliaRs1012.50PAID
49.Anonymous1977 NorwayRs. 2,000PAID
50.Vikram Mankar1993 USARs. 2,025PAID
51Tarun Albuqueurue1991 CanadaTBDPLEDGED
52Malone Dcruz1993 AustraliaRs. 7,500PLEDGED
52Dion Rebello1992 UAERs.10,000PAID
53Gautam Lala1986 IndiaRs.20,000PAID
54Terence de Sousa1972 IndiaRs.3,000PAID
55Karl Dias1996 USARs. 2,025PAID
56Ivan Alphoso1977 IndiaRs.1,000PAID
57Nevin Almeida1982 IndiaRs.10,001PAID
58Anonymous1976 USARs.1,012.50PAID
59Dayton Dmello1985 USARs.20,250PAID
60.Girish Premchandran1990 USARs.4,050PAID
60.Girish Premchandran1990 USARs.16,200PAID
61.Sorab Mistry1967 SingaporeRs. 5,000PAID
62Christopher De Menezes1977 IndiaRs.2,000PAID
63.Rajiv Kotyan1985 USARs. 5,000PAID
64.George Thomas1991 USARs. 4,050PAID
65.Rahul Samant1981 USARs. 4,050PAID
66.Donald Tauro1986 USARs. 1,000PAID
67.Rohan Solapurkar1983 IndiaRs. 500PAID
68.Gerard Fernandez1975 IndiaRs.1,000PAID
69.Aldric Fernandes1976 IndiaRs.5,000PAID
70Noel Menezes1969 IndiaRs.5,000PAID
71.Douglas NazrethJuniorCollege 1979CanadaRs. 1,000PLEDGED
72.Sean J. Pereira1984 IndiaRs.500PAID
73.Major L.G.Fonseca1955 IndiaRs.500PAID
74.Anonymous1977 IndiaRs.15,000PAID
74.Nikhil NaikJuniorCollege 1979IndiaRs. 14,000PAID
75.Gurmeet Singh Sahani1977 IndiaRs. 5,000PAID
76.Sabbas Joseph1977 IndiaTBDPLEDGED
77.Nicholas Mathias1977 IndiaRs. 5,000PAID
78.Brian Almeida1982 IndiaRs. 5,000PAID


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