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Compustan–Why,What and When

With the introduction of personal computers in schools, it has become necessary to help children to explore and experiment with the many exciting features of software and maybe even develop a sense for hardware.

The Secondary Computer Department was set up 18 years ago and has been upgraded twice since then. In 2004, it was the vision of the tech savvy Principal Fr. Lawrie Ferrao who took the initiative towards a complete transformation of the facility to create a lab. The addition of 25 new computers to the existing 10 computers ensured that everybody got a ‘hands on’ experience.

With Compustan now boasting of up-to-date technology, the instructors could teach students the use of software like CorelDraw and movie making -- thus also reaching out to the creative talent in our boys. This after they have been armed with ample of more than basic computer knowledge.

The staff of the Computer Department of the Secondary Section St.Stanislaus have pushed for the need to provide our students with an environment which is both conducive and stimulating to the learning more about computing.

At St. Stanislaus, grooming begins at a young age – Compustan goes beyond educational fundamentals and aims to provide every Stanislite the opportunity to uncover their potential in the use of computers and communication.

As we work towards growing Compustan, with our Principal Fr. Jude and his ideas to expand the vision of every stanislite, we need an Internet connection, server and projectors and with our best efforts help every child to find their share of connectivity. We would also like to add more challenging topics to the syllabus like programming languages and database technologies.

Compustan is run by Ms Anita Advani, Ms Freda DeSouza , Ms Rebecca D’mello, Ms Golda D’souza

Feel free to comment online or drop us an e-mail at  COMPUSTAN

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For the sake of records

Allow me to put the records in proper perspective. The computer lab was started as a fully equipped one when Fr. Edmund Carrasso was the principal. Fr Carrasco,  after his visit to the USA realised the importance of computer literacy at school level and it was his initiative and vision to drive the school (teachers, PTA) and the Ex-Student Association (i was the Hon. Secretary of the Association then) to raise funds to build a fully equipped computer lab.  He selected Mr Raphie Donald to co-ordinate what was  one of the greatest shows in the Stanislaus' grounds. With Roger Drego's contacts with some of  India's leading music professionals, we organised a musical evening - the first half performed by singer and instumentalist Remo Fernandes and his group who came all the way from Goa, followed by the  next half session of song and  dance by all famous Shaimak Davar and his dance troupe. The evening ended with both Remo and Shaimak jamming in. Both these top professional groups performed for FREE. The funds so generated were sufficient enough to start a well equipped computer lab with sufficient PCs. Both my 2 sons got their hands-on experience in this lab. This was a quantaum leap from zero computer lab (from NOTHING) to fully equiped one. We might have been one of the very few schools ( may be only school)in Mumbai to have such a lab at that point in time. Naturally,  as an inherent characteristic of compter technology upgradation followed. We were fortunate to have Fr Lawrie Ferrao who was well aware of the need of upgrading and expanding the lab and gave all his support to the resources required to ensure that our students got computer savvy.

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