School Uniform

The history with pictures of the School Uniform

Battleship grey and white shirts with battleship grey tie (with a yellow and a green stripe across the middle) Khaki shorts and white shirts were the school uniform till ca. 1970

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White and Khaki

Am quite sure Khaki short pants (long pants being optional from Std IX or X) and white shirts without ties was the school uniform till 1972.

I know so, since I passed out of school in that year wearing the good old White and Khaki.

Also vividly remember being instumental (amongst most others) in 'altering' the long pants worn by some some students of our batch (including the School Captain!) as it was mutually decided that we all wore short pants on the last day of school ... cannot fail to mention being severely reprimanded and given 'crew cuts' by the school barber, courtesy the school principal.

Anyone from the batch of '73 onwards could probably shed more light on the actual year of change.

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 Terrence, You are right


You are right on. The school uniform was Khaki/white until the H972 school when Father Henry changed it to battleship gray shorts/ pants and white shirts. 

And I do remember you guys wearing shorts on the last day of that school year like it just happened. Memories rolled back. I graduated in 1974.  And also so ling ago. Miss some great days.  Father Benjamin or Father Henry both I am sure had an inside chuckle. 

Are you Alan's brother? You lived near Almeda Park, near 28th road/ Mohammad Rafi's house? 



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