St. Stanislaus had a boarding within the school.

The boarding was started in possibly 1945-46 ??? by Fr. _____

The boarding was finally closed down in 1973

The Boarding had three divisions:

First Division: For the older boys from Std IX to XI

Second Division: For Boys of St VI to VIII

Third Division: For Boys from Std I to V

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Please share any information about history, anicdotes or pictures of the boarding.

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Going to the bogs


Grub and the bogs

I, Joseph M. Pinto, was a boarder in St Stanislaus, second division, during 1961-63. My first prefect was Fr Emil D'Cruz and then Fr Victor Affonso (or was it vice versa?). That was when Fr Casale was the principal.

I still remember our dormitory with its wooden flooring on the top floor, from where you could see the swimming pool. I can still hear the morning bell, waking us up to go to the bogs and then to Mass.

Grub at the refectory is still fresh before my eyes, with jam and butter for the boys who could afford to pay. And duck's eggs during Lent and fish on Fridays.

Most of all I recall the study hall, where we kept our books and school bag. I was then what they call a topper in today's hideous terms. But I can recall that in my class, except for a little respect when the teacher read out my marks or the pile of books on prize distribution day, the boarders treated me equally on the sports field. As I played hockey in the sun and football in the rain, I also learnt about life and the sporting spirit that has carried me to this day.

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The boarding was open till 1973....

vivian pimenta

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