a) The Parent-teacher Association shall consist of the Principal of the School, Members of the staff and Ordinary Members and if necessary, Associate and Honorary Associate Members.

b) Every parent or Guardian is qualified for ordinary membership. This membership however ceases from the day the boy discontinues his studies in the School.

c) Friends and well-wishers of the School may be admitted as Associate Members.

d) The Principal may appoint every academic year, not more than five Honorary Associate Members who in his opinion would be of help to the Association and The Institution. They shall be exempted from payment of any fees and will be registered as Honorary Associate members for that particular term.

e) The Executive Committee shall consist of:

I. The Principal
II. Twenty-two selected members, of which eleven shall be parents and eleven teachers, each standard of the school (including the K.G.) being represented by one parent and one teacher and who will be responsible for all decisions.
III. Thirty-three selected members, all of which shall be parents, each representing one division.
IV. The Executive Committee, may at their option co-opt not more than eight members of the Association.
V. A student representative nominated by the Executive Committee. (In the case of our Institution, the School Captain automatically becomes the student representative).

f) The parent representative of each standard shall be interviewed and selected by the responsible panel of 6 members comprising of the President, Vice-President, Secretaries (Teachers & Parent) and two Executive Committee members. The Teachers of particular standard will elect the teacher representative. The Principal shall be the President of Association. The Executive Committee from among its members shall elect a Vice President, two joint-secretaries (one of whom shall be a parent and the other a member of the Staff respectively) and a treasurer (Staff member)

g) A new Executive Committee shall be elected every two years (as per circular dated 15th June 2001)

h) The Executive Committee shall appoint an Honorary Auditor.

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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