1. The Alumni/ae Associations mentioned in the Schedule hereunder are the Founder Members of the Federation. Other Jesuit Alumni/ae Associations shall be admitted as members of the Federation in the manner hereinafter mentioned.

2. Only Recognised Alumni/ae Associations of Jesuit Eductional Institutions in India shall be entitled to become members of the Federation.

3. “ Recognised Alumini/ae Association” shall mean an Alumni/ae Association of a Jesuit Educational Institution in India having a Certificate of Recognition granted by the Head of that Jesult Educational Institution in the form that may be prescirbed by the Governing Council of the Federation from time to time. In the event of a Certificate of Recognition being cancelled, withdrawn or suspended by the Heads of any Jesuit Educational Institution such Alumini/ae Association shall automatically cease to be a recognised Alumini/ae Association and its membership of the Federation shall stand cancelled/terminated.

4. There shall only be one Recognised Alumni/ae Association in respect of any Jesuit Educational Institution. However in the event of an institution having both a School as well as College under its wings, separate associations may be recognised by such institution in respect of the School and the College and both such Recognised Associations shall be entitled to be members of the Federation.

5. Application for membership shall be submitted to the Governing Council in the prescribed form and the decision of the Governing Council regarding acceptance/rejection of membership application shall be final and binding.

6. All members shall be governed by the Constitution, Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations of the Federation.

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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