Stanislaus Healthcare Proposal

The Stanislaus Staff Healthcare Initiative aims to provide coverage to teaching and non-teaching staff of St. Stanislaus High School. It is our hope that this Initiative becomes an annual effort of co-operation between the School and its thousands of Alumni.

The 'Joe We Care' campaign led us to the realization of how important it is to provide coverage to all those who continue to give their heart and soul to the future generation of Stanislites

We will soon begin a drive to mobilize funds towards this initiative. If you would like to know more about this effort or volunteer in making this a success, write to us at




  • Alumni offer a minimum commitment of Rs. 100,000/year for the next three years.
  • Schemes selected are Bajaj Allianz - Health Guard, Silver Plan, Personal Guard and Tata AIG - Maharaksha, Hospital Care and Accident Guard.
  • Annual coverage of Rs. 200,000 for each staff member***
  • Cost of Health Coverage (e.g. Bajaj - Rs 2238 - 5586/ 2 lakh – estimated*)
  • Accident Insurance Policy for non-teaching staff
  • Eligibility criteria require staff member to complete 5 years at SSHS**
  • 20% of all monies raised to be used for coverage of retired staff
  • A working committee that includes the SSESA lead, Principal and a Retired staff member selects staff. Each has one vote towards the selection
  • Alumni may choose to provide 100% sponsorship to staff of choice or a part sponsorship where staff, SSESA & SSHS contribute
  • Future coverage continues provided Staff maintains employment at SSHS
  • Staff/School may choose to contribute to raise coverage amount
  • SSESA and School will work towards a transition plan where the Stanislaus Staff Healthcare initiative becomes an annual drive.
  • Additional monies raised by SSESA to be used for staff (existing and retired) who cannot get coverage due to existing medical conditions
  • Yearly health camp conducted by Stanislite Alumni Doctors / Friends of Stanislaus

*Not inclusive of Vendor Discount

**Eligibility criteria is waived for Non-Staff Accident Insurance Policy

*** In the case of coverage amount to be higher than normal, we may require the teacher to pay small portion of the coverage.

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