Master Dev Sharma

Master Dev Sharma

By ‘The Stanislaus HealthCare Project Team’
Master Devraj Sharma

Master Dev Sharma – A man who influenced so many of us is perhaps the undisputed heavyweight champion of St. Stanislaus High School.

Age has not withered the heart or soul of this veteran. Having spent thirty years at Stanislaus High he finally hung up his boots in 2000 retiring as its Supervisor of the School. Who can forget the ‘Jodi’ of Master Sharma and Master Rai – His love for Pan – His trademark Silver Metal Belt and Black Boots? And for so many of us who were on that unforgettable trip to Nepal in the 80’s. He remains until today a beautiful part of many of our school years.

The Activist that he is, Sharma Sir was already aware about our Healthcare Project. He expressed concern that our target was only one lakh, He said son; I think you need to raise more than one lakh rupees for this program to cover the many existing/retired teachers? As usual, he is right on the money but as another wise man has said, ‘Success comes in Baby Steps’.

Anecdotes, Memories began to flow as the hour went by - Sharma Sir provided us valuable feedback and wished us great success in our endeavor. In his inimitable style, he left us with these last words.

‘Yaddon Ka Caravan, Kuch Yuhi Chalta Rahen (Let the Journey of Memories continue)
Khudah Ka Shukr Hai, Aap Ne Humme Yaad Kiya (Thanks to the Lord, You remembered us)
Zindagi Ka Safar, Bus Kuch Isi Tarah Chalta Rahen’ (Let the Journey of Life be in this vain)

Thank You Sir, Thank You For the Memories!

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Prashant Mehra's picture

No Doubt he is the best

There is no doubt that there is no one like Mr.Sharma anymore...He was truly exceptional...I would like to add that i owe a lot of my success in life to all his hard work on me

Truly a teacher like no other !!!


Prashant Mehra 

aashish sharma's picture


Sharma Sir,As the world calls him and Daddy as I call him is a symbol of harwork,dedication and honesty.Like all his students I am just in awe of him and there would be no two thoughts to call him the true "GURU".

I've got the opportunity to see two different personalities of my teacher in school and my father at home.He's always been an epitome for success and hardwork for me and so many more students like me.

I used to take pride in beeing called Junior Sharma those days back in school.Besides beeing the best Maths/Science Guru my father is also an excellent writer and a phenomenal orator.I remember representing our school for various interschool competitions and always winning.The credit all goes to him as he used to write all my speeches.A line which he always said to me....Remember Aashu you are "Born for Greater Things" and so go ahead.

A tree always bears the best fruit if nutured properly,the secret to my current success goes to my father ....THE GREAT SHARMA SIR....before I sign out something which he has always said to me...KHUD KO KAR BULAND ITNA KI TAQDEER BHI AAKAR TUJHSE PUCHE KI BATA TERI REZA KYA HAI .....

Youre the BEST and there is NO COMPARISON

Terence de Sousa's picture

One of our heavy weights!

Yes, justifiably, Master Sharma was one of the school's heavyweights and definitely would have left a profound impact on many of our lives ... mine for sure!

Don't remember him chewing Paan at the time he taught me (1970); however, vividly recollect him lecturing us (students he caught in the act, when he secretly visited the back room of the then "Hindu Hotel", now "Balalji's") on the ills of smoking  and the cancer studies on laboratory tests conducted on dogs being given to smoke tobacco in America. Laughing

Always a humble person with noble intentions. He always relied on one-on-one contact with oustanding results.

 I salute you Master Sharma! May God bless you!

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