Master P. N. Rai

Master P. N. Rai

By ‘The Stanislaus HealthCare Project Team’
Master P.N.Rai
As he walked through the corridors of St. Stanislaus once again, He was greeted by a familiar face who addressed him as Sir, “Good Morning Master Rai”. Who can forget this Moped loving Hindi Teacher of Ours? One more time he sat in a Stanislaus Classroom as if he had joined this great school only yesterday.

This simple man was happy to note that the alumni had thought about creating a healthcare program. A much needed program he added for existing and retired teachers.

As the layers of time peeled by we could see that his eyes were moist and his voice a little choked with emotion. The beauty of today is that we can look back in time and remember the simplicity of days gone by. Today Master Rai has traded his moped for a bicycle – A Simple Man Indeed …. (Read more about Master Rai )

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