greg kane

greg kane
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Hey there

Hi guys
Not sure if you guys remember me. I remember most names. I am Derek Rodrigues. Sorry Greg cannot remember you at all. Dean, Sean, Srinivas, Asif, Jude and Rahul are all very familiar (names not current faces). Dean you look the same (that is if that is a current photo)
Keep in touch guys and reply if you remember



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hi srinivas, rahul, dean

hi srinivas, rahul, dean (lewis), jude

srinivas you used to stay in rebello house, you had the most awesome book collection, we were together 1st to 6th and if you have forgotten me you definitely must have forgotten the books i borrowed but never returned

i used to stay behind the police station but have now shifted to almeida park very close to Daphne teacher

rahul samant where have you disappeared i thought you were in london tell me more about whats happening with you

dean you were on kadeshwari mandir marg right? very close to joseph coelho's residence any news of him

jude are you the musician from chichpokli?

greg kane definitely is not from the class of 1981

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Hey Asif

Of course I remember you!

Sorry for the delay, yup I used to stay on Kadeshwari Mandir Marg, or Cemetry Road, opposite Claudie's house. No news of Joey Coelho, have been looking for him for years, last i heard they had moved to Bangalore, but that was over 20 years ago.

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Asif if i remember right you were the plump guy as there was another asif who was quite thin compared to you

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 absolutely right jude  i

 absolutely right jude  i you thought i was plump earlier you should me now.
have many offers to play santa. i work for the income tax dept.
wency gomes (marcellus's brother) is my colleague & keeps on giving me info
of our batchmates. i have shifted to almeida park .l do meet next time you come down.

and a merry christmas to you


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Hey There


This is Jude, I am the musician from St. Martins Rd, Pretty close to The Plolice Station.

I am not sure I remember you thay well.,  tell me more buddy!!!!


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Hi Jude!How are you dude? I

Hi Jude!
How are you dude?

I hope you remember me....Sean Menezes.

Keep in touch man.

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did you play the clarinet

did you play the clarinet
because i used to stay in victory blocks where the "great" joe pereira still lives . 
are you  the same guy who used to come to him.

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Greg Kane

Hi Greg,

Naushad Dossani, class of 1980, here.Think I recognize you. Only, I believe you've put on a lot of weight. But I do remember you as a smiley face. I think that smile is perpetual on your face. Am back in mumbai, at Dr. Peter Dias Road, near Mehboob Studios.When is the next ex- students re- union? Plz post the date if u can. Be in touch.

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Hey There

Hi Everyone,

This is Jude Gonsalves--Class of 81--from St.Martins Rd.

Out here in Texas, almost a full time musician and have my own production business.

Lets get in touch


I rememember you very well Buddy!!




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