Teaching Staff 1959-60

Teaching Staff 1959-60
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The top row at the extreme

The top row at the extreme right is Fr Austin Fernandes, He was Prefect of the 3 Division. I was a boarder under him. Also with him was Fr. Rodulph Fernandes Prefect for the 3 Division who is in the third row from the top between Mr. Azad office Administrator and (Late) Mr. Gerry D'Souza

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Miss Constance Dega , second from left in the second row, many of the faces and names are familiar have been taught by many of them but cannot place them all ( the ladies).

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My Mum!

Hey, I've logged in after yonks!

Glad to see my late (June, 2005) Mum, Hazel D'Mello, nee Concessio, standing in the 3rd row from the bottom, 5th from the left. When Mum married in 1962, she had to resign as a teacher, that being the rule then - no married teachers! I believe Mum taught class IC - gee, I was in the IC, so she could have taught me!

Also, I think I see my maternal aunt, Esther D'Silva, second row from bottom, 1st from left.

I certainly recognize some of the staff up there -quite a few have passed away- but am constrained by time to comment further.

Actually, we've got boxes of photos & negatives back in India, with Stanislaus staff picnics covered, etc. Hope to retrieve them & bring them to Australia - if AQIS permits.

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Staff 1959-60

Joined the school in Grade 8 in 1960, so I am not able to name the lady teachers in the photo, except for a few.

Top row:

Bro. Desa,Unknown,Mohanlal Dutt-Hindi, Unknown, Mr.Rodricks-Office Manager,Unknown

6th row:

Francis  Pinto,Bernard Donald-Maths,Fr. Banon,Unknown,Panchikal-Science,Govind Budhrani- Hindi.

5th Row:

Azad-Admin, Unkn,Gerry D'souza,Carl Dhanvate,Joseph Dass,Patharkar-Drawing,Raymond D,Mello,Joseph Aranha., William D'Souza.

4th Row:

Teachers: Noeline Farias, Madeline Farias,Daphne Correa,June Mascarenhas,Dolores,

Lakshmi Desa,Yvette,Cynthia Pereira.


Fr. Soler,Fr. Denis Keating,Mrs. Noguer,Master John Neeff,Fr. Valentine Lobo,Fr. Peter Garcia-Rector, Fr. Anthony Casale-Principal,Fr. Ernest Netto- Asst. Principal,Master Oliver,Unkn,Fr. Hilary Miranda, Fr. Anthony Saldanha.


Tks and Regards,





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In continuation of my

In continuation of my comments;

2nd Row: 2nd from left teacher Connie de Ga(Music),8th from left teacher Noreen Pereira(Cowboy).

3rd Row: 4th from left teacher Filomena Pereira(3rd 'A'),6th teacher Maud D'lima,teacher Ida(6th 'C'),8th Celine Gracias(2nd'C').

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Top Row: I feel between

Top Row: I feel between Master Dutt and Master Rodricks is Mr. Saldanha,Fr.Anthony Saldanha's dad.He used to help in school.Next

                 to  Master Rodrick is Fr.Austin Fernandes,Prefect of the 3rd division boarders(Gone to the Lord).

6th Row: The first person I feel is Patrick Fiddle,who was a boarder and had no one who he could go to after passing S.S.C. He was

                given a cierk's job in school.Later on I believe he went to England.Next to Master Donald is Fr.Benard Masot(Gone to the Lord)

                 and not Fr.Vincent Banon(Gone to the Lord).He was the 1st division Prefect..Next to Fr.Masot is Master Makasare,Marathi


5th Row: Next to Master Azad(Admn.) is Fr.Rudolph Fernandes,Prefect of the 3rd division boarders.

Seated:       Between Master Oliver and Fr.Hilary Miranda is teacher  Marie(Canteen Teacher).  



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 Nick name in italics and

 Nick name in italics and bracketed only to jog your memories

1st Row Standing: 2nd from right Filomena nee Figeuredo-English Tr & French Tr

2nd Row Standing: 1st from left Marie(Biscuit)- Maths Tr; 3rd from left ?? Drawing Tr; 8th from left (Cowboy) -Class Tr

3rd Row Standing: 4th from left Filomena Pereira- Class Tr; 7th from left Ida Mendanha 


Godfrey you got max of the names. But, is Daphne and  Noeline in the 4th or 1st row? 



Ilidio (passed in 1967)

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Hi All....

This is really a great memorable picture....If only it was bigger...

Am sure I could identify nearly all of them. I should have been in the 5th standard when this picture was taken.

Kudos to the one or those invloved in this truly great website...

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Bigger Picture


When you are logged in; click on the link "Original" under the picture. You will see the original sized picture.

Please do help us identify those in the picture.

The Portal Team

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Feels good to c such pics of our very own school...



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