This section is reserved for subsequent releases of the portal to allow alumni to give back to the school. This is a more serious undertaking requiring more deliberation and thought. However, for practical reasons, the first release of the portal has not prioritised this functionality.
A few points are briefly presented here with the aim of sharing some early thinking. These have to be shaped together with school authorities and the PTA.


Key areas of work in future releases:
- establish transparency (where are the funds going? what results can we see?)
- make it easy and cost-effective to give (exploit tax-rebate schemes; countries have different policies requiring establishing a "local chapter" of the ex-student association)
- establish practical criteria to assist in prioritising the different causes/projects (who decides?)

Functionality for later releases
Using this online payment gateway you can

  1. Pay Alumni Membership dues
  2. Make a Donation
  3. Make a Pledge
  4. Present a gift
    (Use electronic technologies like Paypal for credit-card donations)


  1. School (academic) improvement projects - Improving facilities for computer lab, science lab, library, gymnasium and sports facilities
  2. School (infrastructure) improvement projects - Improving sanitation & hygeine, Safety and security
  3. Support the existing schemes for taking care of retired teachers and staff (health-care / insurance, pension-augmentation scheme etc)
  4. Faculty development fund - Work with PTA to promote mechanisms for development and growth and hence attracting the best teachers (teacher exchange programme - visits or residency)
  5. Education fund for deserving students who are economically challenged
  6. Student collaboration - Virtual exchanges or Student exchange programmes
  7. Societal projects together with other local organisations

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