St.Stanislaus Hall of Fame

We at SSESA are planning a St. Stanislaus Hall of Fame on the School Campus to provide inspiration to the students of the school. The target launch date is November 2009.

We are seeking Stanislite Architects or Friends of Stanislaus to help us plan and implement the Hall of Fame that will reflect the 146 year history of St.Stanislaus.

Please contact Brian:

We invite Stanislites from around the world to contribute memorabilia, pictures, videos, write-ups, achievements etc which can be displayed in the Hall of Fame.

Content by individuals

Members can send us content in pre-created template

  1. Word Document (150 words)
  2. Certificates Scanned copies & Photographs all put together on A 3 Size paper
  3. Trophies, Awards and Mementos.

Content Categories

  1. Academy
  2. Science,Technology & Research
  3. Community work
  4. Armed Services
  5. Civil Services
  6. Media & Entertainment
  7. Arts & Culture
  8. Corporate
  9. School Principals & Staff
  10. Sports.

Recognition in order of priority

  1. Trophy at International Competitions, Meets Army Medals.
  2. Awards from Government, Universities, International Bodies, Industry associations
  3. Representation of University, State, Country

Please contact Brian: for any clarifications or contributions.

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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