Using ICTs to transform St. Stanislaus

Vision 2013: St. Stanislaus High School – ICT-enabled by 2013, coinciding with the school’s 150th anniversary

Detailed presentations:
Getting the most out of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Part I

Part II

St. Stanislaus is a leading education institution in Mumbai established in 1863. The school offers education from Kindergarten to grade 10 (SSC) and is affiliated to the Maharastra State SSC board. The school has focused on providing high-quality education to all sections of society, regardless of religious and economic background. With the increased use of ICT in business and society, the school is working to adopt ICTs as an educational aid to continue providing high-quality education for all.

Aim of Breakfast meeting
To expose parents, teachers and alumni of St. Stanislaus to the potential of Information and Communications technologies (ICTs) or "computers" and its role in education.

Conducted by
Comet Media Foundation - an NGO involved in spreading the use of ICTs in education

Date: March 30th 2008 Venue: St. Stanislaus audio-video room

About 75 people comprising parents, teachers and alumni attended the breakfast meeting. The meeting commenced at around 11am with breakfast and the light conversation as parents, teachers and alumni got to know each other and explored the opportunities of working together. After breakfast the group moved to the A/V room which was already partially full. By the time the presentation commenced, the room was filled needing chairs and benches from adjoining class rooms - late comers had to participate from outside the A/V room.

At around 11.30am Fr Jude Fernandes, president of SSESA and principal of the school, welcomed the attendees and handed the microphone to Chandita Mukerjee, who leads the Comet team. Chandita had earlier collaborated with SSESA and alumnus Francis D'Silva (Class of 1977, now Norway) to create a presentation on the topic of ICTs in education (see links above for detailed presentation). The presentation set the stage for why ICTs are relevant for education and provided examples of how ICTs can be used in education. The presentation proposed a roadmap as to how St. Stanislaus could adopt ICTs in a phased manner, starting immediately and gradually developing a strong ICT capability by 2013.

To help get started, it was proposed that a taskforce “ICT@Stanislaus” comprising parents, teachers and alumni be formed; so as to pool resources on how best to drive this process.

The presentation ended on the note of having the “Yuva Vividha” mela that is scheduled for 1st-3rd May 2008 on the school grounds. A brief question and answer session followed before screening a film showing how ICTs are being used in education.

The film, created by Comet Media Foundation, is a source of inspiration telling the story of a simple teacher in the rural part of the Konkan in Maharashtra who is using ICTs to educate children for life. We will post details once the film is available on YouTube.

The film was followed by a presentation by Sapna Shahani who briefly shared her experience while using public radio in education and how the model can be easily and cheaply deployed in India.

The meeting was hosted by St. Stanislaus Ex-students Association (SSESA) and breakfast was sponsored by Vikram Moorjani (Class of 1985, now Los Angeles, USA).

The meeting concluded at around 12.45 pm

The road ahead:
the journey to heaven is paved with a few potholes…
There are no short cuts.

  • Parents take a proactive approach in supporting the teachers, students and school administration in adopting the use of ICT’s

  • Teachers take active interest in re-calibrating/re-aligning their skill sets (pedagogical skills ) to exploit ICTs to the fullest

  • School administration to understand their responsibility in working with the authorities in providing funds and arenas for teachers-parents-students to learn and discover ICTs on their terms. To automate areas of administrative work that frees up time for teachers and students

  • and finally students! who are at the core of this effort - to be active particpants in shaping the solutions the school will provide, by giving creative and valuable feedback. Their understanding of this learning process is important - for parents and teachers.

Alumni can be catalysts, supporters and help push where required. The vast global alumni network of Stanislites is an invaluable resource to take this forward.

The key players above have specific roles to play if ICTs have to become a reality at St. Stanislaus. All will have to network and work together towards the goal of an ICT-enabled school for all.

If any attendees or alumni are interested in becoming a part of Vision 2013 team please drop us an e-mail

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