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On the occasion of the visit of the Jesuit Superior General Fr Artuo Sosa to the Jesuit Bombay Province a Magis Conclave followed by dinner was held on 3rd March 2019 at St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra in Mumbai India.

Several Schools and Colleges in the Bombay Jesuit Province are run by the Fathers and Brothers of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a religious congregation internationally known for their educational work.


Rest in Peace Lt. General Francis Dias


Eminent Ex-student (1948 batch) Lt. General Francis Dias passed away on Republic Day. This was an important day for him because he was conferred three very important awards on this day in the past by the President of India - the Param Vishist Seva Medal (PVSM), the Ati Vishisht Seva medal (AVSM), which he was awarded for distinguished service in counter-insurgency, and the Vir Chakra. He also fought in the 1965 and 1971 Wars. During Operation Cactus Lily, in the erstwhile East Pakistan, he led his battalion to capture Bogra Town on December 14, 1971. This was a strategic victory for the Indian Army and two days later Pakistan surrendered in East Pakistan, and Bangladesh was born. For this he was awarded the Vir Chakra. His Citation said:

"Lieutenant Colonel Francis Tiburtius Dias was commanding a battalion of 11th Gorkha Rifles during the operations against Pakistan in the Eastern Sector. On 12 December 1971, he was ordered to capture a well prepared position held by an enemy infantry battalion. Again, on 13 December, the battalion was assigned the task of capturing two bridges held by the enemy in strength. And finally on 14 December 1971 the battalion was assigned the task of capturing a portion of Bogra Town. Under his leadership, the battalion carried out all the tasks successfully, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. After contacting the enemy defences at Mahasthana, he infiltrated between the enemy's forward defended localities, raided the enemy battalion headquarters, and captured the officer commanding along with other officers. He also thwarted enemy efforts to blow up bridges. It was due to him that the battalion contributed to a great extent in clearing Bogra Town and taking a large number of prisoners. Throughout this operation, Lieutenant Colonel Dias displayed gallantry, professional skill and leadership of a high order."

SSESA Lonavla Picnic 2018


SSESA - St.Stanislaus Ex-Students Camp 2018 @ Lonavala A Big Thank you to Ronnie Mascarenhas & the Organizing Committee, Stanny & Celine Lewis for putting together a wonderful Camp. Special Thanks to Gail Raphael & Rita Mascarenhas for keeping us engaged in all the wonderful games and activities planned for the teams, to Royce D'Silva for the lovely music setup that only added to our joy, to Fr.Gerard Conrad Rodricks Sj for really maintaining the Villa with so many new additions and facilities, to Giles, Nanoba and the entire staff for their hospitality & to all the happy campers who contributed to making this one...truly a Camp to remember.

Picnic moments

SSESA at Gnanmata Adivasi High School Prize Distribution Ceremony


The Gnanmata Adivasi High School at Uplat, Talasari celebrated its Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony on 27th November 2017.

It was an honour for the SSESA Uplat Project team, represented by Charles Dias, Terence de Souza, Ronnie Mascarenhas and Royce D’Silva, to have been invited by the school’s management, to grace the occasion as Chief Guests at the ceremony.

The ceremony began with the traditional lighting of the lamp, singing of the Vande Mataram and presentation of roses to the SSESA team.

A lot of preparation was done by the students, teachers and nuns from Vedruna Convent to ensure the event was a success. The function was held on the playground and the makeshift stage was nicely decorated. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable morning with students from the Primary and Secondary sections making it more joyous, by various cultural performances with vibrant and colourful outfits.

SSESA once again made a contribution of Rs 100,000, which we received as a personal contribution from Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Company Ltd., towards creation of additional scholarships and also Titan watches donated by Titan Company Ltd. The watches were presented to the top achieving students at the ceremony.

Ronnie Mascarenhas, in a short speech at the end of the ceremony, thanked the school’s management for inviting the SSESA team to grace the occasion and also pledged SSESA’s continued support to the School in whatever way possible in the future.



The SSESA team, comprising Charles Dias, Terence de Souza, Ronnie Mascarenhas and Royce D’Silva, visited Gnanmata Adivasi High School at Uplat, Talasari on Saturday. 16th September 2017.

On this occasion, we intentionally chose to visit the school on a working day, in order to gain a realistic understanding of the school, its facilities, its present academic activities and problems. We had a general discussion with the management and learnt of their successes and difficulties. We were surprised to hear that they accommodate approximately 87 students per classroom.

We later interacted with students of the 10th standard on their studies and on general issues. They were very appreciative of the new benches/desks they were utilizing. The cost of these benches was co-financed by SSESA through very generous contribution by our fellow Stanislite, Dr. Keki Gharda.

During this visit, we gifted each student of the school with a ball point pen, on behalf of SSESA, – a total of 1100 pens.

On an earlier trip to Uplat, on 8th January 2017, on behalf of SSESA, we had gifted each of the tribal boarding students, with a towel and soap – a total of 220 of each.

The innocent smiles on the faces of the tribal students are enough to know they really need and appreciate all that SSESA is doing for them, making us want to return to Uplat and do more … much more!



SSESA Independence Day Football 2017


The Jesuit Alumni Associations of Bombay Province (JAAB) Inter-Jesuit Alumni Football League was held on 15th August 2017 at St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra in Mumbai. What started off as a football match between alumni from St. Stanislaus and St Marys ICSE every Independence day has now grown into a 12 team league with teams from across the Bombay Province participating. 

Alumni joined the students of St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra at 7.30am to raise and salute our National Flag on the school background.

The JAAB Inter-Jesuit Alumni Football League began from 9.20am onward with 12 teams from the Jesuit Bombay Province reigniting old rivalries. This year due to the renovation of the school middle ground some pool matches were held on the St. Andrews School Astro-turf. The football was fast and furious with some delightful skills on display. After the league matches the Semi-finals and Finals were held on the School back ground. In Semi-final 1 St. Xavier's School Nashik edged out Holy Family A in a very close contest. In Semi-final 2 St. Xavier’s College Mumbai had a hard fought win over the determined Holy Family B team.

The stage was set for a enthralling final between St. Xavier’s School Nashik and St. Xavier's College Mumbai. Both teams did not disappoint and played some high quality football where. St. Xavier's College edged out St, Xavier's School Nashik 1-0 to lift the William Neelankavil Memorial Trophy.

For the first time our woman alumni played as part of the St. Xavier's College team and converting a penalty in a league match.

Teacher Mary Titus Rest in Peace

titus mary.jpg

Our Dear Teacher Mary Titus passed away peacefully on 16-May-2017. Funeral service was held on 17-May 2017 at the Sewri Cemetary.

May she rest in peace.

Hello to my old school where I spent several happy years


Mark Cheng recently wrote to our Principal Anna Correa who has graciously shared his letter of fascination reminiscing.

Bond of Boys 2017


The annual alumni reunion of St. Stanislaus Ex-students Association "Bond of Boys" was held on the school background on 6th January 2017. Over 150 alumni who attended with their families were treated to an evening of fun, dance and games by host Darryl Loyola. Grown men became boys again as they met their batchmates and teachers. A sumptious dinner completed an evening to remember.


Bravery of Indian soldiers in World War 1


At Brighton, England there is a memorial "Chhatri Memorial" erected to the memory of Indian soldiers who were killed on the Western Front during WW1 (1914-18).

The memorial known as the Chhatri was designed by Stanislite Mr. Elias Henriques of Bandra and erected in 1921, over the platform where Hindu and Sikh soldiers evacuated from the Front and who died in Brighton hospitals, were cremated.  1.5 million Indian soldiers fought in WW1 and 12,000 wounded were evacuated to Brighton.

One of the Indians mentioned on the memorial is Jemadar Jahan Singh of the Poona Horse, who led the only Cavalry charge of the Battle of the Somme on the evening of July 14, 1916.

Lt. Beatle a British officer says "it was an incredible sight, an unbelievable sight,they galloped on their chargers up the slope with their lances and pennants flying" straight towards the well entrenched German machine gunners and riflemen. "It was an absolute rout. A magnificent sight. Tragic".  NOT A MAN SURVIVED.

Seeing the red poppies in the fields, reminded me of these brave men who laid down their lives in the line of duty.



SSESA Independence Day Football 2016.


Nine teams of Jesuit alumni from six Jesuit Institutions from across the Jesuit Bombay province participated in the SSESA Independence Day 2016 Football hosted at St.Stanislaus High School Bandra.

St. Mary's SSC the eventual winners beat St. Xavier's College Mumbai "B" 1-0 in a very close final.

St. Marys's ICSE displayed outstanding sporting spirit from a winning position that needs to be commended.

Pictures courtesy event photographer Rosario Fernanded of St. Mary's ICSE

Fr. Peter Ribes S.J. Rest in Peace

Fr Peter Ribes.jpg

Fr. Peter Ribes S.J. (April 18, 1925 - May 9, 2016) has gone to his eternal reward on May 9, 2016 and now rests with God. The Funeral Mass of Fr. Ribes SJ will be on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 4.30 pm at St. Peter's Church, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050 and the burial at St. Peter's Church Cemetery.

SSESA blood donation drive 2016


The SSESA blood donation drive held at St Stanislaus High School on May 1, 2016 in collaboration with the school PTA and Holy Family Hospital collected 30 units of blood.

We are extremely thankful to the donors who included many parents,teachers, staff as well as ex students.

We sincerely thank the school management for their help, co operation and support for the drive. A very  special Thank You to our dear Principal Anna for her support to SSESA  towards this noble cause. We are extremely grateful to you.

This blood donation drive is part of Jesuit Alumni Associations of India (JAAI) all India blood donation drive carried out by JAAI member Associations.

Tr. Rosette Vaz Rest in Peace

Tr Rosette Vaz.jpg

Rosette Vaz, ex- teacher of St. Peter's KG passed away in Sydney, Australia on 25 April 2016. Funereal will be held in Sydney.  A memorial Mass was be held on 3-May-2016 at 7pm at Sacred Heart Church, Santa Cruz. May she rest in peace.

St. Stanislaus International School - Admission Open

St. Stanislaus International School - Admission Open

Admission is open for St. Stanislaus International School (IGCSE) Grade 8.

Contact the Principal, Ms Anna Correa by the first week of May

Classes for the IGCSE 8th Standard begin on the 15th of June 2016 Classes and Practical Experience will be held in St. Stanislaus High School and in St. Joseph's Convent for the First Year.

Download Brochure

Learn more about the IGCSE program at St. Stanislaus International School

Danny Pereira Rest in Peace


With deep regret we have to announce the death of Danny Pereira one of the founding members of the modern avatar of SSESA.

Funeral service was held on Wednesday 30th December 2015 at 9:30 am at St. Peter's Church Bandra followed by burial at St Peter's sea side cemetery Bandra. The body was kept for viewing from 9 to 9.30 am at Sea Mist.

May he rest in peace

SSESA visits Gnanmata Adivasi School, Uplat – 1st November 2015


As planned, SSESA members, Charles Dias, Ronald Mascarenhas, Royce D’Silva and Terence de Souza, representing SSESA, visited the Gnanmata Adivasi School, Uplat, Talasari on 1st November 2015 and interacted with Frs. Malcolm Nato and Joaquim Tellis on the progress of construction of the new School building. We were told that the children are anxiously waiting to attend classes in the new building.

During our on-site review, we observed that 75 percent of the work has been completed. We were given to understand that this would be the first structure of its kind in the area and they are hoping that it will be completed before the beginning of the next scholastic year. We are hopeful for them too!

In keeping with SSESA’s desire to brighten up the lives, at Diwali, of the underprivileged Adivasi children through education, we presented them with Rs. 2 Lakhs, from donations received from ex-Stanislites, towards part-payment of the costs for benches and desks being fabricated for the School. The total cost of the School furniture is estimated at Rs. 11 Lakhs. We optimistic of getting there through further generous donations from you, our ex-Stanislites!

On this visit to the Uplat, it was a pleasure to be accompanied by Charles Dias’ charming daughter, Divya, who is gainfully employed with game creation and development. She has volunteered to extend her expertise in this field to make study for the Adivasi kids more interesting, through gaming techniques. Divya and a group of like-minded friends/colleagues will be visiting and interacting with the teaching staff and students of the school, on this matter.

So guys, that’s it for now! We brightened their Diwali. Let’s do it for Christmas too!

The kids at Gnanmata Adivasi School definitely need more assistance. SSESA can help them immensely, if you do a bit too!

Please donate, as much as you can, towards this project!

SSESA Independence Day Football 2015

article SSESA.jpg

The annual SSESA Independence day inter-Jesuit alumni football tournament was held at St. Stanislaus High School back ground on 15-August 2015. The schools flag hoisting and singing of the national anthem commenced at 7.45am. The football tournament began at 10.30am.

This year’s tournament was poignant as we remembered JAAB (Jesuit Alumni Associations of Bombay Province) Secretary Mr. Vikram Mavinkurve of Campion Mumbai and St. Xavier’s College Mumbai. The parents of Vikram had instituted the Vikram Mavinkurve fair play tournament and the tournament this year was held in memory of Vikram.

This year’s tournament was bigger and better with teams from St. Xavier’s Nashik, St. Xavier’s College, St. Mary’s ICSE, St. Mary’s SSC, Holy Family, Andheri and hosts St. Stanislaus Ex-students Association. Some of the teams fielded two teams which made for interesting football. Friendships were renewed off field but on field the rivalry was intense where alumni played hard but fair football.

A MUST READ write up by Shyam B about the Mary's boys doing what they do best!!!


SSESA visits Gnanmata School, Uplat – 9-August 2015


On behalf of SSESA, Charles Dias, Ronnie Mascrenhas, Royce D’Silva and Terence de Souza once again visited the Uplat campus, run by the Jesuits, in keeping with the association’s ongoing effort to uplift the economically, socially backward and underprivileged rural/tribal children, through education. In support of this project, we donated a sum of Rs. 55000 to Fr. Malcolm Nato.
On a previous visit to the Uplat campus on 22nd February 2015 a sum of Rs. 20000 was also donated.

The small, single level school structure, which previously served their needs, was demolished in 2014 to make space for a bigger, ground plus two floors, school building to accommodate their growing requirements and house more students. We observed rapid and remarkable progress on the construction work of the new school building (pictures below), designed to accommodate 400 students. The total cost of the project (building, teaching aids, furniture, etc) is estimated at Rs. 3.25 crores.
The classrooms in this building are greater in number, more spacious with better cross ventilation and natural lighting in comparison to what they had before. Besides, each floor also has toilet of its own.

We had the opportunity, to visit the girl’s hostel, managed by the Carmelite Sisters of Charity (Vedruna). The girls were briefed by the Mother Superior, of SSESA’s valuable contributions to the Uplat project, over the years.
Students of the school, all hailing from the Warli adivasi tribe, performed an impromptu tribal dance as a token of appreciation for all the assistance SSESA has been providing them to fulfill their dreams!

SSESA would not be able to do what we do without help and support of people like you. If you can, please make a monetary donation towards this project.

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Master Salim Zakaria RIP


We have to inform our alumni with regret about the passing away of Master Salim Zakaria our former Hindi and Marathi teacher on 17 April 2015.

Master Zakaria was also former Municipal Councillor and MLA from Bandra West. He was also Education Minister in 1992-93 in Govt. Of Maharashtra.

May he Rest in Peace

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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