Dream 2013 financial commitments

 Sr.no Expenditure Cost INR (Rs.)
1 Creating and staffing a Student Counseling Center: 50,00,000
2  Academic programs to enhance current curriculum and evaluation of a parallel system of education (eg. Jesuit Certificate Program and a Jesuit IB) 100,00,000
3  Upgrading the schools ITC infrastructure
1.    Upgrade existing Computer Labs
2.    Hosted Learning Management System including a student information  system
3.    The smart classroom
4.    School ERP
4  Skills enhancement (eg Teacher skills training, Teacher exchange, Student exchange) 100,00,000
5  Repair and Upgrading School building infrastructure (the buildings being close to 150 years old)
1.    Building Repair and Maintenance
2.    Renovation of auditorium including AC system
3.    Building of an elevator system for auditorium
4.    Building modern toilet blocks on each of the four floors of the school building.
5.    Renovation of canteen block into a modern cafeteria with seating.
6.    Renovating of the Teachers and Masters rooms.
7.    Building a Hall of Fame
8.    Building a wall of Fame
9.    Building a solar system to power computer labs of the school
10.    Building a water harvesting system for the school.
6  Upgrading of Schools sports infrastructure
1.    Laying of full size astro-turf
2.    Setting up flood light system
3.    Setting up of drainage and sprinkler system.
4.    Modern Gym for school boys
5.    Sports Scholarships
7  Library of the future 200,00,000
8  Upgrading of Research and Innovation facilities (eg. Laboratories) 200,00,000
9  Teacher Welfare System 50,00,000
10  Support Jesuit rural educational initiatives and educational networking 100,00,000
   TOTAL 20 crore


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