Teacher Drussilla Fernandes

Teacher Drussilla Fernandes
Class Teacher of Std. X for 21 years "The Teacher of good grooming"
Tenure: June 1981 to May 2002

Teacher Drussilla Fernandes

Teacher Drussilla Fernandes was born at the Dr. Shirodkar's nursing home at Cumballa Hill in Mumbai. An only child, she studied at Gloria Convent at Byculla, Mumbai and Graduated from Sophia College, Mumbai. She completed her B.Ed. at St. Xavier's Institute of Education at Churchgate, Mumbai.

Teacher Drussilla was inspired to become a teacher by her mother, who was also a teacher. In 1966, freshly out of B.Ed. college and on a holiday in Goa, Teacher Drussilla had the distinction of becoming a Headmistress of a new school at the age of 21. At the time, this new school run by the Carmelite nuns did not have the prerequisite of a B.Ed.-qualified headmistress to open the school. After much persuasion by the nuns they convinced Teacher Drussilla to become the headmistress. Far from being a figurehead she strived and succeeded in getting recognition for the school from the Goa Department of Education in six months.

Teacher Drussilla joined St. Mary's in 1967 as Class teacher. In 1980-81 after much persuasion she was finally convinced by Fr. Valero Aleu to join St. Stanislaus High School.

At St. Stanislaus she taught the 9th and 10th standards. She was Class teacher of Std. X for 21 years. She taught English, French, History, Work Experience, Value Education and General Knowledge.

Her experience as a teacher has kept her young at heart while in the company of her students. This experience has enriched her life and helped her have a positive outlook to everything in life. She is at peace with herself and content as she does not crave for anything.

She has two favorite memories while she was at St. Stanislaus

  • At the Stanfest King and Queen contest, Stanislite and actor Arbaz Khan was one of the judges. When he went on stage to say a few words and shouted into the mike " I love teacher Drussilla, she was my best teacher" While she was stunned she was thrilled at the appreciation.
  • A memento she still treasures was presented to her by Sushil Handa with the words "One good teacher can change the world". At the time Sushil was a regular outside the Principal's office because of his tricks and mischief. When she told Sushil she would not be his class teacher the next year, he said it did not matter as he had already learnt lessons for life from her.

At St. Stanislaus, Teacher Drussilla learnt to enjoy success and not get disheartened with failure while dealing with difficult children. Some things she would like to see changed at St. Stanislaus are toning up of discipline among the boys. Educate the boys in good grooming, no talking loudly, greeting the teacher, no dragging of feet etc..

Teacher Drussilla would like to see the school pay more attention to weak students especially those from the economically weak background. She feels the school must not focus too much on "ALL" extra-curricular activities outside the school as these boys miss out on academics. A personal wish she has for the students of St. Stanislaus is that they become good, caring human beings and not focus only on fame and status.

Teacher Drussilla has three sons who live in the USA, all of them Stanislites. She spends her retirement by attending daily mass and attends a prayer group. She teaches French to a few students to keep in touch with the language. She also has a strong focus on social work and regularly visits the aged who are housebound. She is basically a vegetarian and her favorite dish is vegetable fried rice.

Her hobbies are playing the guitar, she loves listening to music and visiting senior citizens.

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Teacher Drusilla was our

Teacher Drusilla was our class teacher in the 9th & 10th (1982-83). Her famous words still echo loud & clear..."Little things make a man". She was definitely one of my favourite teachers. I wish her all the best.

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