Master P.N. Rai

Master P.N. Rai Hindi

Teacher at St. Stanislaus High school from 14/06/1971 to 31/01/1997

Master RaiMr. Prabhu Narayan Rai was born on 14/01/1938 in Azamghar in Uttar Pradesh. He was the only son and has a younger sister who lives in Mumbai while his elder sister has passed away.

Mr. Rai was a student of the prestigious Beneras Hindu University. It was at BHU that Mr. Rai was inspired by the ideals and ambitions of his illustrious teachers. It was here that Mr. Rai the teacher was born.

Mr. Rai started his teaching career in June 1960 first at Ratanbhai Pawri School and subsequently at Princess Girls High School where he taught Hindi. He also taught at St. Thomas School in Goregaon where besides Hindi he also taught History and Geography.

Mr. Rai joined St. Stanislaus in 1971 as Assistant Hindi teacher. He was interviewed for 1 ½ hours by the illustrious Master Neeff. At the time masters were expected to wear a tie and jacket while teaching. Mr. Rai started teaching the 5th and 6th Standards and subsequently the 8th to the 10th standard. He retired as supervisor of the Hindi Department.

One of his favorite memories at St. Stanislaus was when he first joined the school at the age of 26. Most of the boys of his first class towered over him and he had to look up to them. This was the time when the school still had the boarding section and the Matriculation examination or Standard 11. However these very boys though full of life were also very obedient.

One thing that struck him about the students of St. Stanislaus was that they were very loving, full of life and excelled in various fields.

Some of the things that presently dismays Mr. Rai is the lack of discipline among students and the lack of respect for the teachers of the school. However he does not blame the students, rather the teachers for the gradual decline in moral values.

Mr. Rai feels that regular revision of the syllabus will go a long way in making St. Stanislaus one of the best academically.

He also feels there is a crying need for a drastic improvement in the quality of teachers.

After retirement Mr. Rai has been kept busy by his two grand children.Master Rai and cycle He now cycles all over Bandra to keep fit while he gives tuitions in Hindi to the students doing the SSC, ICSE, CBSE and College examinations.

Mr. Rai has three children. His daughter teaches Hindi at St. Xavier’s School Powai. His son Prashant works for Jet Airways while one of his sons is a Social Activist in his village.

Mr. Rai has simple eating habits and his favorite is the regular Dal Chawal Subzi and Chapattis. Of course he likes a piece of jaggery or a sweet after his meals.

One of Mr. Rai’s favorite hobbies was to travel. He organized many trips for the school boys of St. Stanislaus both in India as well as abroad.


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