Library of the Future

To aim of this project is to mobilise alumni to help equip the school library with teaching aids, materials and tools to make it the best in school library in India. The school library needs a library management software solution and a steady stream of material that can stimulate and encourage students to reading and creative thinking -- in the sciences and the arts.

1. Start a subscription donation drive to allow Stanislites to donate scubscription for magazines, books, references etc.
2. Implement a simple software solution for managing the immediate needs for library management.

The Librarian's wish list:
Magazine subscriptions:
- Scientific American (1-year subscription donated. Nov 2006-Nov 2007)
- Popular Mechanics ((1-year subscription donated Nov 2006-Nov 2007)

Teaching aids:
- DVDs, CDs, books

- Library Management
- Educational and testing software

- Multimedia PC
Please use the 'Post new comment' feature below to suggest other alternatives. (You may also consider responding to comments / suggestions alredy posted)

The Librarian
St Stanislaus High School
Hill Road
Bandra, Mumbai 400 050

vikram_moorjani's picture

National Geographic

Yes, I am aware the library subscribes to the National Geographic. In additon to the subscription, the National Geographic website had CD, DVD, maps and other magazine subscription materials.

The idea of driving people to the website was to buy materials other than the subscription to National Geographic.


Francis DSilva's picture

... Ah ha, should have read your post better...

... anyway I have updated the text of the post to remove this inacurracy. Hopefully we can have a "Registry" or "Wish list" facility that the librarian can manage. That will have to wait for next release. Now it is just great to get started...

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