Combined Bombay School Team. Year:1958

Combined Bombay School Team. Year:1958

Combined Bombay School Team. Year:1958

Picture courtesy Godfrey D'souza (Class of 1964)

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Hi Frank, Noel and I worked

Hi Frank,

Noel and I worked together in the 1970's.

Noel now resides in Canada and divides his time between  Bombay, Vancouver and Toronto.

I spoke to Noel about the team composition.

Actually, 2 boys from St. Mary's were selected in the original party to go to Cuttack.

Dennis Crooks and Richard Rogers.

Hoever, both of them being in the final year and due to appear for The Senior Cambridge exams were denied

permission by Fr. Ribot who was the principal of St. Mary's .

If you remember well, Fr. Ribot was our Principal from 1952 to 1956 before Fr. Donnelly took over.

Dennis and his brother Basil emigrated to the UK in late 1958 with their parents and now live in Toronto.

Dennis was a fine player, played first division hockey in the UK and Canada and was the manager of the Canadian Olympic team

to the Seoul Olympics in 1988.





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 Noel Henriques, a

 Noel Henriques, a Day-Scholar, was a very good player but could not get in the first eleven of St.Stanislaus "A" Team as there were too many good players.I felt he left St. Stanislaus and joined Antonio D"Silva so that could play for the school and shine 

Those years the school "A" team consisted mostly of boaders.Very few day-scholars made it to the "A" team

Mathew, I fill he is the one who played for one of the schools (Our Lady Of Dolours/Little Flowers).The entire team depended on him.

These schools had very few good players.The selectors could easily spot them.But not in the case of our school team,as every player was good in his own position which made it a bit difficult for selectors to select..Surprisingly,there is no one from St.Mary's,Mazagoan.

A few years ealier,the entire Combined School team was made up of St. Stanislaus players with a few from schools like St. Mary's(Tony Fernandes,Richard Rogers), Little Flower.

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The  side was captained

The  side was captained by  Sunny Sutto of Little Flower HS.

The players from St. Stanislaus are Rui Rolando(Portuguese East Africa),Nobby D'Souza(British East Africa) ,

Rosario D'Souza (Bombay) and Aloysius Alphonso (Bombay)

Noel Henriques  , an Ex Stanislite, however represented Antonio DaSilva at the time the team went to Cuttack.

Centre Forward  was Freddie DeSa , who represented from St. Xavier's HS.

Freddie was later to play for St. Xavier's Gymkhana, Tatas, Bombay and was in the probables for the selection of the Indian 

Hockey team to the Asian Games held in Jakarta in 1962.

Freddie also coached St. Stanislaus in the mid eighties .

Fred passed away in mid 2012 in Bandra.- RIP



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